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Everyone talks about "The Anger."

The reason Donald Trump is getting so much support from primary voters, the pundits tell us, is because of "The Anger."

It's true that many voters are hopping mad that nothing ever gets done in Washington.


Voters, especially the most conservative ones, are sick and tired of people who promise them the stars, the moon and the repeal of Obamacare to get elected, then go to D.C. and do nothing but make excuses about "divided government."

I feel their pain and frustration, believe me.

But it's time for angry Trump voters, especially the most conservative ones, to stop waving their "Make America Great" signs for a few days and face the political facts of life.

We have a divided government in Washington. We've had one for years and it looks like we're going to have one for four more.

It's nothing new. It's the norm. It's how Washington works.

It's frustrating for those of us who want a smaller, weaker, cheaper federal government. But divided government doesn't necessarily mean that nothing a conservative wants ever gets done in D.C.

My father had to deal with a Congress controlled by Democrats. But he still was able to get enough things done to be considered the greatest president of our lifetime.

It's time for the conservatives who support Trump to grow up.


No party ever gets everything it wants. No voter will, either, especially from Trump.

He promises to kick out 11 millions illegal immigrants.

He promises to build the Great Wall of Trump at the border and make Mexico pay for it.

He promises he'll temporarily keep Muslims out of America.

He promises he'll put a 35 percent tariff on Fords imported from Mexico, repeal Obamacare, rebuild the military, defeat Isis, make better trade bills and make America great again.

Sure he will.

In the era of divided government, unless he magically makes the House and Senate disappear, Trump's vague promises aren't worth the hot air they were written on.

My question to the angry Republican voters who support Trump is this - How are you going to feel when The Donald is not able to follow through on his promises?

It's inevitable, even if he beats Hillary. What will you do when your Republican hero goes to D.C. and fails to deliver? Take to the streets?

Electing a president named Trump or a qualified candidate like John Kasich this fall won't be enough to get things done in D.C. if the GOP doesn't increase its hold on the Senate.


No matter who he is, a Republican in the White House is going to need 60 votes in the Senate or everything important he proposes to pass or repeal will be filibustered to death.

All remaining Republican primary voters - especially conservative ones who excuse Trump's wide liberal streak or are too blinded by his celebrity bluster to see it - need to ask themselves something important before it's too late.

Do you know in your heart that the nominee you've picked - even if he wins - has a chance of changing anything in D.C.? Or are you just hoping?

Hoping for change isn't going to work. Ask Obama. If you really want to start getting things done in Washington, you can't just be angry, you need to be realistic.

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