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Over the past year, it seems the news cycle has gotten worse and worse for Planned Parenthood. Besides learning that they cook their books to hide financial disclosures, are doing their best to convert the Girl Scouts into a Planned Parenthood Youth Camp, and support the Obama Administration’s abortion pill mandate (it means more business for them on your dime), we’ve also learned that they refuse to denounce gender-selective abortions—the practice of killing a preborn child because he is a he or she is a she.

Even after recent videos exposed Planned Parenthood personnel counseling a woman to abort her child because of the child’s sex, the blood-thirsty abortion giant stuck to its scalpels and refused to change course.

For them, it’s full-blown 100 percent abortion on demand for any reason imaginable all the time, every time, or nothing at all. (Actually, the “nothing at all” part is not an option.)

On top of this, we’re also learning that they view doctors and other medical professionals who disagree with them as threats to “reproductive rights,” a.k.a. their financial bottom line.

Think about that last point again—according to one of Planned Parenthood’s own reports, pharmacists and doctors who choose not to “dispense birth control or write…prescriptions for contraception” for reasons of conscience are actually “[jeopardizing] women’s reproductive health.”

It seems the abortion giant is all worked up over the fact that “many states and professional organizations have enacted refusal clauses that allow health care providers to refuse to provide” abortion pills and other such “treatments on the grounds that they conflict with the provider’s religious belief.”

In other words, not happy with the $500,000,000 in taxpayer funding Planned Parenthood received last year or the 340,000-plus abortions they carried out or the number of Planned Parenthood executives who have moved up from unofficially shilling for the Obama Administration to officially shilling for it as a part of its re-election team, Planned Parenthood now wants to be sure doctors have no right to exercise their freedom of conscience. (Sounds like the abortion pill mandate and the threat to religious liberties déjà vu.)

Like I said, with Planned Parenthood, it’s full-blown 100 percent abortion on demand for any reason imaginable all the time, every time, or nothing at all. And the “nothing at all” part is not an option.

No one—legislators, civic leaders, judges, or average citizens—should be deceived about this organization any longer. Clear-thinking Americans need to help defund Planned Parenthood now.

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