The False Joe Biden Narrative Peddled at the Democratic National Convention

Posted: Sep 03, 2020 2:46 PM
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The False Joe Biden Narrative Peddled at the Democratic National Convention

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

We may never know the Biden/Harris presidential agenda.  It was pretty much absent from the Democratic National Convention, replaced by the repeated trope that Biden was "decent" and would be the president of "all Americans."

If your platform stood for riots in the streets (while piously pretending to oppose them when they turned into a political liability), reparations, and trillions of dollars of tax increases, you'd probably side-step that too.

But let's focus on Biden's "decency" or "representativeness," or the lack thereof.

Robert Bork was in fact a decent man. So is Clarence Thomas (who, incidentally, is black). Having received the Joe Biden "political hacksaw" treatment, I doubt if either of them would view Joe as "decent," or as a representative of them and their views.

As a person who may (or may not) own a semi-automatic firearm, such as those owned by tens of millions of Americans, Biden's unannounced "red flag" gun confiscation threatens middle-of-the-night SWAT Team raids on my home because New York gun-haters demanded it.  Somehow, this doesn't seem "decent" to me.  In fact, it reminds me a lot of Adolf Hitler.

For a third-term baby in the womb, Biden's taxpayer-funded government mandated abortion-on-demand for any or no reason would hardly seem "decent."  Most of the genocidal regimes of our era had similar standards of decency.  In fact, Biden's church, which he uses as an election promoter, believes this is genocide too.

If I lived in western Pennsylvania and earned my living through fossil fuels, including fracking, Biden wouldn't represent me.

If I were the child of recent immigrants, and were being told to pay for slavery, that wouldn't seem "decent" to me.

Nor if I were a Korean immigrant, worked my way to academic achievement, was shut out of the most elite colleges by racial discrimination, and had to use semi-automatics to protect my house from immolation (as LA Koreans did during the Rodney King riots).

Nor if I were a Cuban immigrant faced with Biden's kissy-kissy policy toward Fidel and his relatives.

Nor if I were a member of Little Sisters of the Poor.

Or a cakemaker who just wanted to be left alone.

Or our receptionist, who freaked out when she found a man in the women's restroom.

In fact, I would like to know from Joe what Americans he would in fact represent, other than rioters and the Bernie Bros and the columnists who regularly vomit insults on the pages of The New York Times (where journalism used to be).

But as horror film aficionados can tell you, most of the things that lurk in the basement are things you don't ever want to see. Biden’s campaign strategy is simple: stay in his basement and allow the media to frame and promote his “good guy” candidacy. But a look behind the door shows his 47 years in Washington, D.C., is anything but, no matter what the Washington Post and the other scribes contend.

Michael Hammond is the former Executive Director of the Senate Steering Committee and was often called the "101st Senator" when he worked on Capitol Hill. Today he serves as the General Counsel of Gun Owners of America.