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Ann Coulter, Do You Have a Problem With the Jews?

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Dear Ann,

You’re obviously no stranger to controversy. To the contrary, you seem to thrive on controversy. In fact, you seem to enjoy provoking it.

Yet your comments during Wednesday’s presidential debate seemed over the top even for you, especially since you openly and boldly profess your Christian faith.


Is it really appropriate for a Christian to speak about the “[expletive] Jews” (or the “[expletive] Americans” or “[expletive] Arabs” or “[expletive] Russians” or “[expletive] anybodies”)?

You might laugh this to scorn as nitpicking, but the next time you talk about people needing Jesus – and I’ve heard you do so with what appears to be real sincerity – you might want to ask yourself if Jesus expects profane speech from his followers.

And since Jesus taught that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, you might want to ask yourself what’s in your heart.

This, however, is secondary to the larger question of your attitude towards the Jewish people (and Israel), but before you jump to conclusions, I want you to know that, as a Jewish follower of Jesus, I wasn’t offended when you told a Jewish TV host that Jews should become Christians and that Jews needed to be “perfected.” Instead, I did a TV show asking the question, “Is Judaism an Incomplete Religion?” quoting your remarks and asking if they were true.

So, I did not jump on “the Ann Coulter is anti-Semitic” bandwagon, despite the controversy your remarks caused.

And I’m not calling you anti-Semitic now.

I’m just wondering what your attitude really is. Do you have a problem with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel?

You were incredulous when Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz all spoke about Israel in their opening comments in response to the question, “What will America look like after you are president?”


Well, the main reason they brought up Israel was because of our disastrous treaty with Iran, with Senator Cruz saying that the greatest security threat to America was a nuclear Iran.

Is it that hard to connect the dots between Israel, Iran, and American security, especially when you consider the devastating worldwide effects of a completely destabilized Middle East? And when Iranians chant in the streets, “Death to Israel! Death to America!” it’s not that hard to realize that we’re connected in more ways than one.

I seriously doubt that the Republican candidates were pandering to American Jews for votes, given the high percentage of Jews who vote for Democrats and the small number of Jews in America. (You asked sarcastically, “How many [expletive] Jews do these people think there are in America?”)

Were they pandering to evangelicals? (As expressed in your Tweet: “Maybe it’s suck up to the Evangelicals?”)

Well, there’s no question that Senator Cruz and former Governor Huckabee are committed evangelicals while Senator Rubio is a committed Catholic, but if you’ve watched these men over the years and listened to their speeches, you’d know their commitment to stand with Israel goes far beyond pandering to conservative American Christians.

Of course, this was part of your larger mockery of some of the candidates, stating that if you want to get the applause of GOP donors, you should, among other things, cite Reagan (I may have missed this, but how many times did Cruz, Huckabee, and Rubio cite Reagan?), denounce abortion (again, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most of the Republican candidates known for their strong pro-life stands and isn’t abortion a massively hot and important topic these days in light of the horrific Planned Parenthood videos?), and cite Israel.


Ann, you’ve got a lot more political savvy than I do, but I thought that these were issues of concern to the Republican base – along with the economy and illegal immigration, among others – and so to scorn these candidates (which included Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina when it came to denouncing abortion and standing with Israel) for speaking strongly about these issues is to ignore both their own convictions and the convictions of those they want to reach.

Still, it seems the Israel comments really riled you.

Who cares about the Jews? Why talk about Israel when the question is America? Why the Jews?

More disturbing still, based on the amount of retweets and favorites you got for some of your most volatile comments, it seems like you hit a nerve with many of your followers.

Maybe they have a problem with our country’s relationship with Israel too? Maybe they have a problem with the amount of influence that Jews have in America? Maybe they have found in you a bold champion who will finally say what they want to say about those “[expletive] Jews”?

Although I was hoping that, in the aftermath of the debate, you’d apologize for the comments, so far, it looks like you’re entrenching yourself all the more.

So, please tell us plainly: Do you have a problem with the Jewish people? Do you resent us in any way? Do you resent America’s closeness to Israel?


You’ve got no problem with speaking plainly, so please speak plainly about this.

And if you regret your seemingly anti-Jewish comments, the Christian thing to do is apologize and retract.

It’s actually quite liberating (yes, I’ve had to do it quite a few times myself) and receiving forgiveness and correcting our errors is part of what real Christianity is all about.

And, by the way, in case you forgot, the Savior of the world is a Jewish Rabbi.


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