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Joe Biden is in Ukraine instead of East Palestine, Ohio, which embodies how this administration handles crisis management. Again, it's a brutal theater of failure, and this clown show of a White House has yet to address any domestic crisis killing America's working families. Inflation remains a cancer on the economy, so it was rich when Biden rolled out his "tax the rich" pitch during the State of the Union; inflation is a tax on everyone. In East Palestine, Ohio, a train derailment has the makings of an environmental catastrophe, but Joe is too busy padding his numbers in our endless proxy war in Ukraine.

I used to think that Joe Biden couldn't do the job because he was too old, stupid, and slow. He remains all those things, soaked in an unearned arrogance for doing nothing in DC other than racking up significant Amtrak rewards. The Democrats' shift on Ohio is notable, stemming from the state's political shift. In the mid-2000s, this state was considered the Holy Grail in American politics, the decisive battleground state that could make or break a presidential campaign. George Will aptly described the GOP playbook until 2008: win the south, the Midwest, and parts of the west, and then spend the equivalent of the GDP of Brazil and win Ohio. Obama changed that—but Trump has decidedly made Ohio a red state.   

That is why Democrats couldn't give less crap about Ohio and East Palestine, which is Trump's country. Seventy percent of its residents voted for the former president. It's overwhelmingly white and working-class—the people Joe Biden and his party mock for being too poor, uneducated, and alien to them. If anything, I'm sure the consensus in the Biden White House was that these people deserved to have their city polluted. 

After two weeks, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will finally distribute aid and assist in the relief effort. This announcement comes after Biden rejected requests for federal help from Gov. Mike DeWine. To Biden's people, this train disaster didn't rise to the level that warranted the release of such resources, but if this happened near the Acela Corridor, FEMA would have been there faster than you can say, "Hunter Biden's crack pipe." 

Biden and the Democrats pride themselves in selling themselves to voters as being those who will represent everyone. We all know that's a lie, one of many that he's spewed as president. Evidently, if you're white, working-class, and live in areas dominated by Republicans, they want you to drink the contaminated water. They don't care about you; they never did. The fact that you would live here is a disqualifying factor in the minds of these people. The fact that you're a Trump supporter makes you a proto-Nazi, and no higher education means you deserve to starve. That's the mind of the American liberal: Be like me or die. It almost sounds like the authoritarian systems that predominated the old Soviet Union. Oh, wait—that's what they want precisely, part USSR and part Oceania, given the left's desire to destroy words and their meaning. The term the left hates the most is "woman," which is a level of irony that not even a bunker buster can penetrate.



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