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I play partisan games, all right. That's my confession, though it's been clear since I started working here. Joe Biden should be impeached, not because he's done anything illegal as of now—we'll get to that in a second—but because the Democrats impeached Trump twice over overtly political reasons. There was no Russian collusion conspiracy nor any Ukrainian quid pro quo. Democrats were in a desperate and pathetic quest to find anything they could hook into for an impeachment case. Even the January 6 riot antics were weak sauce, and Trump beat both attempts handily. So, with a House Republican majority, I want revenge. Impeach Biden is a war cry that resonates with the base, though I understand that trying to fix the economy, reduce the deficit, and get our financial house remain top action items. The problem is that the GOP has said that for years, but nothing has happened. And I can tell you that not much can or will since Senate Republicans took the rug from under us regarding the power of the purse with the $1.6 trillion omnibus. A slim House GOP majority facing a Democratic-run Senate isn't going to tear down the Biden agenda. So, the partisan and the symbolic are on the menu. Impeaching Biden to show voters that conservatives are doing something, regardless of optics, is tangible. As it turns out, the old dementia-ridden and illegitimate president might have made that case alone. 

The classified document scandal that has engulfed the Biden White House writes itself. The optics would always look bad if the House Republicans brought forward articles of impeachment. And while that hasn't subsided, there is reasonable cause now. Biden left the Obama administration with documents he couldn't legally possess. The vice president doesn't have declassification authority, which adds to the narrative that Democrats are reckless with securing state secrets. Hillary Clinton is, by far, the most valuable player—and not in a good way—to win that award, having an unsecured server to conduct all official State Department business as our top diplomat. 

Biden left these sensitive documents in multiple locations, some in his garage for years, while the latest batch was found inside his Wilmington, Delaware, home. These files were marked "Top Secret." America's grandpa thought he could escape it because of liberal privilege. You know the axion: it's okay when the Democrats do it. That usually pays off, especially for a liberal senator from Delaware with no discernable record of accomplishment. But as president, that value degrades, especially when you plunge the nation into an economic recession and hamstring it with high inflationary policies. 

Democrats shot their load when they ripped Trump for supposedly mishandling classified materials, a charge that cannot be applied to the office of the presidency. The president has near-universal power to disclose anything; there were questions about the process, which I'll concede to Democrats since that point is moot now. Trump was president. Biden was vice president when he took these state secrets—and left them in unsecured locations. The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago under Secret Service protection last August, and staffers with proper security clearances handled the documents in question – records that the FBI told Trump's lawyers in June to keep at the estate before the raid. Can you say, "set up?" No one knows who came across Biden's illegally obtained classified materials or who handled them. One batch was in his garage at Wilmington, tucked in the back like Christmas decorations in Clark Griswold's house. Biden's attorney general, Merrick Garland, has appointed a special counsel to review these breaches.

Katie wrote last week how all of this is just icing on the cake since Biden has prevaricated and outright lied about his financial dealings with his crackhead disgrace of a son, Hunter, and their ventures with shady characters, including China. Maybe that's an additional charge to the article of impeachment that should be filed against this corrupt and increasingly fragile old man who exhibits an amusing arrogance. Never have I seen a man so stupid, incompetent, and unaccomplished act like he's Joe Cool. He is only known for taking up space in the Senate, being re-elected from a deep blue state, and being mocked incessantly by Obama's staffers for being a particular sort of moron. None of that is worthy of praise. It's not hard to be a Democrat and get elected in a state like Delaware. 

Biden got elected because of a virus, and now he's infected the nation with monumentally bad ideas. Impeach the man for his reported corrupt deals and mishandling of classified materials as a private citizen, but also because I don't like him very much, to paraphrase Kevin Spacey in "Glengarry Glenn Ross."

Oh, wait—Spacey probably isn't the best example, but you know what I mean.


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