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If there's one thing that engulfs liberals with abject rage, it's you going to your polling location on Election Day and casting a ballot. You don't have the correct views, the right degree, or the right level of education for them. It's keeping with the insufferable condescension ingrained in American liberalism: you cannot participate in the discussion unless you have the "credentials." It's an ironic view since liberals don't possess the knowledge to comment on most issues they're supposedly the "experts" on. It's part of their graduated system, which they've also applied to our Constitution. Notice how they consistently rank the Bill of Rights as if to suggest that any of the first Ten Amendments are expendable.


To them, voting for a Republican means that you're a racist, homophobic, transphobic, proto-Nazi, climate change denier. That's fine, I guess, since none of that is true, but these soft, weak, and snobby elitists who infest our cities with their decay have rendered such words meaningless with their misuse.

That's their view of America. But today, you can blow that up by voting for Republicans up and down the ballot. Wash away those Democrats off Capitol Hill and from your statehouses. Voting for freedom, liberty, and general sanity is the best way to cause the liberal bubble to crash around the white progressives, who think it's common to have minors line up around hospitals to be pumped full of hormone blockers and prepped for sexual mutilation surgery. That's why sanity is on the ballot this year. 

Democracy is not on the ballot. That's a junk talking point that liberals view as their life preserver since they wasted an inordinate amount of time and money on political advertisements about January 6 and abortion in the hope of turning 2022 into a referendum on "saving democracy."


There are many ways to own the libs this year. The most impactful one is for you to get out and vote today.

In the meantime, after you've voted, you can make the left seethe with rage even more by joining Townhall VIP. Social media companies have taken a beating this year, losing hundreds of billions, but that doesn't mean they've lost their censorship powers, which have crushed specific stories from getting the readership they deserve to protect their Democrat friends. Like fact checks on Joe Biden's lies, Hunter Biden's laptop, the origins of Covid, and the invasion at our southern "border." The list goes on and on.

Our VIP members give us the funding to provide you, our great readers, with that REAL news. For those who have already joined our little army, we thank you for your continued support to post and create content that drives liberals stark-raving mad. You've already done more than you can know.

If you're thinking about becoming a VIP member, join us. Join our fight! You'll get exclusive access to my weekly VIP column, which runs on Tuesdays, plus access to tons of America-loving content from Katie, Kurt, Spencer, Larry, and more.


Use promo code VIPWEEK to receive a 45% discount on your VIP membership and help us fight back against these leftists.

Thank you for your continued support, and sit back tonight and watch the red tsunami wash away the liberal rot that's been around for way too long.

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