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AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

It's the best game one can play in the post-2016 era. How would the media react if Trump did this? Or how would the media act if Trump's son did something like frolic with hookers and smoked crack cocaine all day? I'm pretty sure it would be a public execution. It would be a field day. In the words of the former president, it would be the electric chair. 

The media has lied about Russian collusion. They messed up a simple story of Trump feeding coy fish with now-deceased former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. And remember the National Guard story? Yes, Trump was going to mobilize 100,000 National Guardsmen to round up illegal aliens. I support that proposal, but no one at Homeland Security did. It was the most preliminary of drafts that the Associated Press took way too seriously. And let's not forget that Trump removed the bust of MLK, except that he didn't. 

There are too many fake news stories to count on Trump. Given the numerous attempts to butcher this man, Trump withstood all, but if Don Jr. had smoked crack cocaine and made creepy films of himself drinking White Claw in a flotation tank—there would be hearings on the Hill.

You all know this. The media would go nuts over this smoking gun. They'd probably have a stroke. The irony is that the Hunter Biden laptop has become a treasure trove of dirty deeds on behalf of Hunter and this family. The media tried to find dirt on Trump's tax returns. They came up with nothing. Ex-New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. started that probe. It carried over with his predecessor, Alvin Bragg, who opted not to pursue the matter further. The media has failed miserably to catch Trump on some impeachable offense on two fronts: taxes and Russia. They had to lie about some quid pro quo in Ukraine that never happened. You could call this Russian Collusion 2.0 since it had become a genuinely delusional liberal media pursuit by this point. Then, they tried to stick the January 6 riot on him. That also failed.

If a lie about Russia could generate years of content, imagine Don Jr. was placing M&Ms on his body and blowing tens of thousands of dollars on prostitutes. If Don Jr. had a painting career that provided an alley for the Bidens to get slush fund cash, the media would go apoplectic. This is how the Kremlin delivers that traitor cash, right? We'd have endless stories about that. There would be congressional hearings if Trump and Don had shady government access deals. The censorship Big Tech used for Hunter Biden's laptop would pale in comparison if Don Jr were involved. These are not new revelations. 

But if the media and DC went nuts over a Don, Jr. crack cocaine-addled trip of debauchery, then they should review everything Hunter has done. That's where the hypocrisy is glaring. That's why again, no one trusts the media. The liberal media's aversion to looking at anything Hunter Biden-related is one of the most visible signs of journalists picking sides. The press will have to investigate everything once House Republicans hold hearings into the First Family's corrupt antics. 

The truth is Trump raised his kids well. They've never been in trouble—ever. Rarely if ever, were their stories about Ivanka, Don, Jr., Eric, or Tiffany driving drunk. None of them ever did drugs. They're not saints. I won't be shocked if we find out later that some smoked weed, but not crack cocaine. Indeed, no videos of them weighing it. Trump is smart. He wouldn't have run if his kids had 1/8th of Hunter's baggage. 

In all, just use this example whenever you hear someone doubt the media are picking sides or holding bias. The next question should be whether this person had lived under a rock for 25 years. 


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