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Joe Biden says he's running for re-election. No one wants him to or believes he'd make it. It's a source of heartburn among Biden and his aides. Yet, it's another sign that even Democrats know Joe can't do the job. He's too old, slow, and stupid. How many plans need to be torched for his staunchest supporters to see it? 

The man is dealing with several domestic crises and has zero plans to solve them. He's shown zero initiative. All he does is blame Russia, which isn't working. He has approvals in the 30s. The number of Americans who feel the nation is on the wrong track is at an astounding 85 percent. He's dead with independents. He's dead with Hispanic voters. Sixty-seven percent of Democrats also agree that the economy is in terrible shape. We're about to officially enter a recession as well. 

Joe Biden, who has touted his phantom economic achievements, is about to look ridiculous…again. He's about to look like how everyone else sees him—a tired, weak, old man riddled with dementia. 

You can't run for re-election like this. Barring any more unforced GOP errors on policy on the Hill, his party is about to get hammered in November. The House is going bye-bye, and if the GOP is lucky, it can retake the Senate. The latter is the taller order. Either way, one chamber is going to be comfortably in GOP hands, which means the end of the Biden presidency. He doesn't have what it takes to lead. So, who else is there? 

I noted how everyone who ran in 2020 is either too unknown, too extreme, or both to mount a successful campaign. Kamala Harris' bid died quickly, and her approvals are just as bad or worse than Joe Biden's. She can't run and win. Elizabeth Warren can't win. Cory Booker can't win; these two aren't known outside the DC beltway and their respective states. That's why I think we're going to see Hillary Clinton again. 

For all of her faults, she has the best chance to win. She has a national constituency. She can raise money. She'll have the top operatives and communications specialists flocking to her. A national infrastructure for a campaign would easily be assembled. She would probably be hammered by the usual criticisms that hammered her in 2016. The same ones that clipped her health care push in 1993. She's still a bad candidate, but she's the best the Democrats have right now, which is quite the indictment on the state and depth of the Democrats' bench. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who will be eligible in 2024, is the only Democrat on the much younger side who could mount a national campaign as she also has the resources, name recognition, and energy to make a push for 1600. Lord help us when that day does come. 

Yet, what about Obama? Not Barry. Michelle. I don't think AOC will run in 2024, I could be wrong, but I wouldn't be shocked if she tries to primary challenge Chuck Schumer out of his Senate seat first. But Michelle Obama 2024 has been an under-the-radar type of discussion. 

Joe Rogan thinks she could win. In February, Monica Crowley noted the dangers of a Michelle run (via NY Post): 

Michelle Obama could put Republicans in a “very difficult position” if she decided to run for president in 2024, a former Trump official said.

The former first lady is a “completely plausible” candidate for the Democratic nomination, Monica Crowley said during a panel discussion last week, despite the fact that President Biden has vowed to run for re-election.

“If they were to run Michelle Obama, that would put us in a very difficult position because they’d reach for a candidate who is completely plausible, very popular, and immune to criticism,” Crowley said at the Conservative Political Action Committee.

“Also, when you think about her positioning, she spoke as a DNC keynote speaker in 2020, she wrote her autobiography and did a 50-city tour, she has massive Netflix and Spotify deals, and she’s got a voting rights group alongside Stacey Abrams.”

She is all three things, folks. Love her or hate her, Michelle is popular. She was popular as first lady. She's smart. I think she has some skills, but the real question is whether she wants to do it. She doesn't. 

In 2008, she wasn't really sure if she wanted her husband to win. Politics is not her wheelhouse, and she's made clear her desire to never enter public life like that of her husband. You cannot run for president half-hearted. It will show on the trail. Yet, things could change in two years. 

For now, Democrats should worry about the 2024 cycle because the current leader is cancer. Biden at the helm in 2024 will only increase the loss count as he is not bound to make economic conditions better with his limited brain capacity. He's also sprinted from one endless war in Afghanistan only to drop us into another in Ukraine. And on that front, remember, Biden's people gave the Chinese our intelligence on the subject, hoping they'd be some influence to curb Putin's invasion plans. Beijing instead relayed our classified briefs to the Russians. The ultimate showing that no one in the world fears old, weak Biden. 

Even if Democrats begged for her to run, as things will inevitably become more dismal for the party in a couple of years, expect Michelle to say no. That leaves Lady McBeth to fill the void. 

Meanwhile, the GOP faces a potential bloodbath in Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump duking it out. 


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