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Sit Down and Shut Up: Liberal America Can't Say Anything About Elon Musk's Takeover of Twitter

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AP Photo/Matt Rourke

When Elon Musk pitched buying Twitter, I thought it would never happen. Well, it's a reality. The billionaire entrepreneur has purchased the social media giant. It's done. The man got $43 billion together and made an offer the board couldn't counter. Twitter's stock has remained static for too long. It had a fiduciary duty to offer an alternative, and it couldn't. Also, the board's "poison pill" move to block the purchase gave way to scores of lawsuits from shareholders. Musk is offered $54.20 per share to take the company private. Free speech has won. And liberal America has gone anoxic over it. Are we shocked? This is the "words are violence" crowd. Hell, "silence is violence." You all know these immoral and utterly illiberal principles the left holds are aimed at coercing everyone into taking a side. Pick the right one and live; choose the wrong one and be destroyed. They will make you care—there is no Switzerland. As Twitter employees contemplate mass suicide, let's be clear about what they're upset about. They're mad that they cannot censor or ban conservatives anymore. It's our time now. Their era is over. 

One thing that should happen immediately is the restoration of all banned accounts. These people did nothing wrong except trigger the delicate sensibilities of the Twitter staff. Who cares? Donald Trump's account should be restored. The former president says he's not coming back. We'll see how long that lasts. I want all the internal communications about shadow banning released. I want all the anti-democratic inner workings exposed and the people behind them punished. 

As for the left's reaction, I don't want to hear the "billionaires" talking point. You know what I'm talking about. 

"No billionaire should control such information platforms and free speech." Spare us. The same people who think this also read The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Bloomberg. All three are owned by billionaires. So, shove it, shut up, and deal with it. We won, and you lost. 

A billionaire will own a massive interactive social media platform. This isn't new other than the owner is someone who isn't infected with the "woke" virus. There will be a concerted effort to make Musk into Nosferatu because he doesn't want a platform guided by arbitrary enforcement of its terms of service. The staffers who don't like the new regime can, and should, leave. These people have a skill set valued in Silicon Valley for obvious reasons. It's an endless stream of coders. They'll be okay.

The left can't say anything about Twitter or how Musk will run it. It's a private company—he can do what he wants. Hey, doesn't that sound familiar? Yep. That line was used by liberals to justify any banning or censoring of conservatives on the platform. Now, our side owns it—fully. I know there will be some wild opinions floated. I know some nasty folks will spew some pretty awful things. I'll get over it. You'll get over it. You can view horrible opinions and still get on with life. Only a liberal has an insatiable urge to change a person's mind, and if they don't, destroy that person. That's a life fraught with misery, anger, and hate. It's why liberals are an abjectly dismal group of people. 

Well, they can all leave Twitter now. Long, long ago, Twitter was dominated by conservatives. There were old panels at the left-wing Netroots Nation that once lamented the lack of liberals on Twitter. The message from these folks was nothing special: liberals need to tweet more. Then, the front office there tilted the scale to the point where the overt bias was just laughable. Now, we've returned to a state of equilibrium, which scares the left the most. These people crave power. They need it like Hunter Biden needs crack cocaine. Well, in that scenario, we just smashed the crack pipe. Sorry, not sorry. 


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