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AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Alec Baldwin killed someone. No, I’m not kidding. He shot and killed Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer of the film “Rust.” This is Baldwin’s latest production, which seemed to be already devolving into a disaster prior to the accidental shooting. It’s a western, with the plot centered on accidental death. You simply cannot make this up. 

The camera crew walked off the day of the incident. There were complaints about paychecks, the long hours, and the overall working conditions. Then, while practicing a stunt, Baldwin fired a real gun that was loaded with a live round. He was told the firearm was cold. Hutchins was killed. The director, Joel Souza, was also wounded. There have been some on the Right who have tried to say we should feel bad for Alec. You don’t have to, folks. There’s no rule. 

For starters, he’s a grown man. He’s a celebrity. He’s long endured the heat of the press. From the nasty voicemail he sent to his daughter years ago to threatening to beat up reporters, Baldwin has had his moments where he’s a loose cannon. That’s on him. Second, look at his past tweets. We’re supposed to show grace…for this man? No. 

Why is it that we always must be the ones who kowtow to the very people who would throw us in the meatgrinder? I’m serious. Let’s say Baldwin was a Trump supporter and did this — do I even have to say what the media reaction would be? What liberals would say? They’d be pressing for murder charges, selling t-shirts mocking him and re-packaging old talking points about conservatives and gun control. It would be a deluge of idiocy, but he’s Alec Baldwin. He’s a saint. He’s liberal. How dare we mock this guy!

We have the First Amendment. That’s all I’ll say — you can be terrible. And Alec Baldwin has been terrible for years, hurling slurs at certain folks that are considered untouchable in some media circles. If Baldwin wasn’t a liberal, he’d have been canceled years ago with this rap sheet.

I’m sure he is shattered over this tragic accident, sure. A woman is dead, and he pulled the trigger. It’s an eerie throwback to 1994’s “The Crow” where actor Brandon Lee was shot and killed by a faulty prop gun. 

Still, you don’t have to feel bad for Alec. He wouldn’t feel the same for us. There’s only so much RAM in all our heads, and you’re not obligated at all to spend any of it feeling bad for a man who hates us — or anyone who doesn’t think like him. That’s the Left — ALL OF THEM. So, act accordingly, folks. They hate us. They have always hated us. Mock Baldwin if you want. Buy those t-shirts Donald Trump Jr. is selling if you want or don’t say anything if you want. It’s up to you — but please, nix the lectures about how we should feel bad and show grace for a man who has none. The “we need to be better than the other side” act is over. 

Alec Baldwin has killed more people than the January 6 rioters. That’s also a fact. 

Give liberals enough time and they will hang themselves with their own self-righteous rope. 


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