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Resist Joe Biden's Tyranny

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Where are your papers? That's what could be heard all over America if we don't fight back against Joe Biden - right here, right now. The president has decided to become the "Lord Protector of America" who cannot be questioned. The tyrant issued his edict last week: vaccine mandates.

Disgraceful. Unconstitutional.

Biden will force private companies to enforce vaccine mandates on their employees who don't want it. Where does he think he gets this authority? Who the hell does he think he is? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has now been deputized as Biden's medical Stasi, and they're already on the move.

We might as well call Washington, D.C., "Airstrip One." This isn't America. It's Oceania. And if this vaccine mandate for private businesses is allowed to stand, a parade of horribles of the authoritarian nightmare we long feared will follow. You see how Australia has reverted to its historical roots as a penal colony due to COVID. That could happen here. Will concentration camps follow? Will they confiscate our guns en masse? Freedom itself is under attack.

How do you stop it? Besides doing your part as a patriot, and protesting and resisting this gross overreach of government power at every turn, you can help us take the fight to them by joining Townhall VIP. It's not just a subscription. It's a membership for real conservatives to help fund telling the truth—but we need your help. With your direct support, we will lead the charge in fighting back against this medical fascism that's taken over.

VIP members fuel the content that the liberal media tries to censor. In a way, you'd be top donors to keeping the arsenal well-stocked against the enemies of our republic. That's Joe Biden. That's the Democrats. That's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That's Anthony Fauci. That's CNN. That's MSNBC. We have many enemies, and taking them on is a tough task. It is expensive, but we always find ways to fight back. We always find ways to charge the flank of the Democrat-media complex. But that isn't enough to stop this beast. Your VIP memberships will stock our ammo against the Left. It allows our dedicated team of patriots to report the truth, and bring you the commentary the Left wants to silence... and believe me, they try every day.

If you become a VIP member, your direct support will go to making sure we can continue to fight hard every day. We'll continue fact-checking the Left and writing exclusive columns those Marxists hate from me, plus your favorite authors like Kurt Schlichter, Katie Pavlich, Larry O'Connor, Spencer Brown, Derek Hunter, and more. VIP members also get access to Kurt's VIP members-only "Stream of Kurtiousness" video series and "Unredacted" podcast, as well as Brad Slager's daily "Riffed from the Headlines" column exposing the hypocrisy and bias of the left-wing media, especially Brian "Tater" Stelter.

You'll also be funding the vital on-the-ground reporting of the border disaster from Julio and more investigative reporting. It's a war chest devoted to making Democrats miserable.

This is your piece of Townhall. We wouldn't be able to offer you the content you love without your support. And we have so much to fight. We have rising Bidenflation that's nuking the home budgets of millions of working-class families. We have Democrats who want to use Reconciliation for an unprecedented amnesty of millions of illegals and increase millions of chain migration green cards. We have a military that's woefully unprepared to defend America from the threats she faces as the Pentagon has engaged in a campaign to make our forces more woke. Our exit from Afghanistan was one of the most chaotic and humiliating failures ever. We lost 13 brave heroes.

We left Americans behind — and we have no plan to get them out. And the cherry on top of this sundae of Biden's total and complete failure is the economy, which is starting to grind to a halt as we approach a fiscal cliff.

There are many fronts to this war against the Left. We need resources. We need your help. Will you help us save America? With Emperor Joe finding new ways to deputize federal agencies to enforce his fascist left-wing agenda, we're going to need all the help we can get. This is only the beginning of their evil endgame to crush our freedom forever.

Help us fight back against this dictator. With your direct support, we will lead the charge in fighting back against the Communist takeover of America.

– Matt Vespa
Senior Editor,

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