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Does Vice President Kamala Harris have people who make sure she doesn't make dumb remarks? She obviously does, but her latest episode of foot-in-mouth syndrome only highlights why this woman is not the president—and thank God for that. 

As Democrats attack Republican states' measures to ensure voter integrity, Harris tried to strike a lethal blow for the Democratic Party. But she ended up doing a face plant, and it only added to the narrative that virtually anybody, even Donald Trump, can beat this woman. One would think the VP would have accurate information, especially about places like Kinko's.

Kamala Harris sucks. She sucks so bad that she might find herself with lower likability ratings than Hillary Clinton. That's saying something. The more Harris is in the spotlight, the worse she does as bad press seems to bubble up all around her. She's a cardboard cutout propped up by the liberal media. We've known this for eons, but it's now to the point where she's a politician who must stay out of the sunlight entirely to avoid lethal political burns. 

She's the embodiment of everything that the Democratic Party has become—elitist, condescending, and blissfully ignorant about issues they feel aren't important. They can be wrong—and the truth is they often are. The echo chamber keeps their moral superiority complex well-nurtured. If they're inside the dome, they can be idiots. It's the only explanation for her take on voter ID, Kinko's, and rural Americans (via NY Post):

Vice President Kamala Harris was criticized Saturday for suggesting that rural Americans wouldn’t be able to comply with new voter-ID laws because they lack photocopying equipment.

Harris was asked on BET-TV about whether she believes there is room for compromise with Republicans on measures requiring voters to include a copy of identification with their ballots.

“I don’t think that we should underestimate what that could mean, because, in some people’s mind, that means, well, you’re going to have to Xerox or photocopy your ID to send it in to prove that you are who you are,” the Democrat told host Soledad O’Brien in an interview aired Friday night.

“There are a whole lot of people, especially people who live in rural communities, who don’t — there’s no Kinko’s, there’s no Office Max near them,” Harris continued.

This is cringeworthy. Her "I've never been to Europe" trip-up when she was pressed about why she hadn't visited the southern border was atrocious. This is just another notch in the handle of the sledgehammer that will kill her political career. I'll take "detachment" for $200, Alex. 

Harris got roasted, but we also must remember this is the mindset of the typical American progressive. The cities are Eden, while rural America is a cross between "The Book of Eli" and "Mad Max." It's where the "hicks" live—which is most of the country if they want to put a fine point on that simple narrative. 

The irony is this remark was probably polished up by her staff, which undoubtedly comes from the same hubs that would allow such a moronic take on rural folks to take hold. This is voter outreach for the Democratic Party. 

It's no wonder that no one likes liberals. They don't like us because we don't think like them. Instead of trying to build bridges, it's easier for them to label people racist Neanderthals. They must be uneducated. Sorry, not everyone can go to college, and now most must take out loans so large that they have trouble making the payments, which leads to these same folks demanding a bailout. I think the Democrats should pass a bailout only so we can see the political fallout from it, a populist backlash of the likes of which we haven't seen since Trump's 2016 win. White liberals wanting us to bail them out for their college bills? Yeah, I'm sure that will poll well. 

Kamala Harris is everything the progressive Left wants, and the candidate manifestation of that is dismal. It's why even liberal data scientists like Davis Shor are warning against Democrats framing future elections on liberal versus conservative lines; liberals would lose every time. Quietly, even Democrats know that going "woke" was a bad idea and that electoral disaster awaits if they keep it up. Public policy isn't an academic exercise. It must be grounded in realism—and that often means shredding liberal initiatives as too expensive, too stupid, and at times, wholly unconstitutional. Harris wanted to ban guns via executive order if nothing was done in the first 100 days of her phantom presidency. She ran on that. But then could do nothing to cauterize the wound delivered by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) about her record as a former prosecutor and how she never has second thoughts about locking up hordes of Black people for smoking marijuana. Gabbard? Harris couldn't deflect, pivot away from, or neutralize an attack from…Tulsi Gabbard? And this woman is supposedly an all-star? 

Tom Steyer, Julian Castro, Deval Patrick, and Cory Booker were all presidential candidates who didn't have a chance in hell of winning the 2020 Democratic nomination, but all lasted much longer than Harris. Her office is also a disaster zone, where morale goes to die. She can't campaign, she can't pivot away from attacks she knows are coming, and she can't staff people properly. Is this who we want running the country? You can bet Democratic insiders and strategists are worried about Kamala as a presidential candidate again. She's a trainwreck. And every time she opens her mouth, she makes a mockery of her boss and the Democratic Party. She's degrading her stock as the heir apparent—and I'll be watching the collapse (again) as I'm sure all of you will with glee. 

Joe Biden is a stopgap. Who will take over? Did you see that 2020 bench? It sucked. It still sucks. And I think Democrats are starting to see that it's not just Kamala who can't win. There are several others in that former field who would get rolled. 


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