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AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Don’t get ahead of your skis. Stay in your lane. Do your research. And don’t shoot from the hip. These are life lessons for most things. Right now, Major League Baseball should jot those points down on some paper, frame them, and keep it in mind any time it feels like it wants to wade into the political waters. This fiasco over Georgia’s voting bill has reached the apex of stupidity. The woke mob has forced Coca-Cola, a soda company, to issue a statement denouncing the bill that expands early voting, along with Delta Airlines and other companies. This is the circle of hell that brings misery to all. Professional baseball decided to do its part and yank the All-Star Game and the draft from the state of Georgia altogether. 

Who does this hurt? The working man, of course. With the MLB’s move, some $100 million in lost economic activity is projected to be the woke price tag that local businesses have to shoulder. Liberal America screws over the working man because, frankly, these people don't know any. 

Now, I’m not saying that sports can't be political. It very well can be at times — history has shown us. Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in the 1940s with the then-Brooklyn Dodgers is a prime example of when politics and sports met at the crossroads. Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s career home run record in the 1970s is another, though to a lesser degree. This is America. Of course, professional athletes can get involved regarding encouraging civic duty, helping their communities, and speaking their minds. Yet, you should get a piping hot cup of shut the f*** up when you pull what the MLB did next.

After boycotting Georgia for their "awful" voter law that expands the very things that Democrats like, mind you — they decide to hold the All-Star game in Colorado, a state with voter ID laws. That’s some hilarious stuff right there. You cannot make this up; taking the All-Star Game elsewhere because of a supposedly racist voting law, only to pick a place that has even more stringent voter integrity measures and is considerably whiter in terms of demographics. Not knocking measures to combat fraud, though liberals would because they cheat. 

Let’s leave the predominantly black city because of a voter law only to pick a city and state that’s considerably worse in terms of this legislation in the eyes of the woke Left. You simply cannot make this up: 

For more on how Georgia’s voting law isn’t Jim Crow reloaded, please read my good pal Brad Slager and how he dissected the liberal media lies line-by-line. Again, we're back to the same old arguments about voter ID laws that are supported by nearly everyone across the country. And that disconnect between what's real and what the woke Left tries to bully us into thinking is real but is very much not, has hurt countless Americans. 


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