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Daniel Leal-Olivas/Pool Photo via AP

I never thought I’d be writing a column about the British Royal Family, but here we are. So, grab a drink, and let’s go on this adventure that has captivated the American public…again. Some of you may know of the drama surrounding Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry. They fled the United Kingdom. They’re financially cut off. It was hell living over there, apparently. Okay, so why should Americans care? The couple had a supposed bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey over the weekend, and the only thing remarkable about it was its tone-deafness.

These two live in a mansion and complain about how the media were mean, mean people, and the like. Seriously? You’re the Royal Family. This is England. Members of the press are vultures. Also, suck it up, buttercup. You’re public figures. You’re part of an institution. Deal with it. You will always be targeted, but I think the Duchess is smart in one regard. She decided to lob a grenade into the mix. She knows the audience here and what power the “R” word carries in media — and she used it with precision. If she didn’t use it, then no one would care, but in the era of perpetual outrage — it’s the digital heroin of our time.

Here’s what everyone is talking about: The Royal Family was allegedly worried about baby Archie's skin color. He was given no title. He was offered no police protection. In essence, Markle was saying the Royal Family was racist. And there it is, folks. Allegations of racism spread quicker than herpes with the progressive Left, who are now trying to make this into some national discussion. It also helps Markle that she said this to Oprah, who is at the helm of her own massive media empire. You get an interview with Oprah; people are going to watch. Period. It was with CBS, one of the big three, and it’s the Royals. The Duchess knew what she was doing.

Now, that being said, this gruesome twosome’s game is wholly transparent. If the racism angle were missing, it’d be just two rich people complaining. Harry is living off his…$10 million inheritance. They live in a mansion. And there are other aspects to this tale that are just ridiculous. Meghan didn’t Google Harry when they were dating. Yeah, and the late Marion Barry never smoked crack cocaine. She also didn’t really know the Royal Family or its dynamics. Is this a joke? I’m no expert on this Royal Family stuff, but I do know one thing: don’t marry into it. You don’t have freedom. It is rigid. That’s the way it is. You’re an institution, not a family or people.

I’m telling you, these two just can’t catch a break living in a swanky mansion and having millions at their disposal. This is "Royal Family poor," huh? Well, for the scores of Americans who lost everything due to the COVID lockdowns, I’m sure they can empathize. I’m being sarcastic, of course.

Cortney wrote about the reactions yesterday. Maureen Callahan called the interview a steaming pile of bull**** in The New York Post. And then, there’s this tale about Meghan being suicidal and that Prince William told her she couldn’t seek professional help. Then Harry says that he never told any member of the family about Meghan’s mental struggles, so what’s going on here? Someone is lying, and frankly, we shouldn’t really care about this lot.

Folks, we fought and won our independence, and not caring about the Royals is one of the spoils of war. No, the Royal Family isn’t canceled. Americans cannot erase the Royals, nor will the Royals care about what some of us think about this fiasco. We have families struggling, awaiting COVID relief checks — and we have these two clowns complaining about trivial matters. Sorry, you’re rich. You were never going to struggle for money for long; you’re royalty. And being targets of the press, again, welcome to the party, sweetheart. This is the game. Welcome.

No one should feel bad for Meghan or Harry. They chose this direction. They’re financially sound, especially now as they gallivant and gossip about their family members, which is gross. Meanwhile, normal people are struggling to find ways to stay in their homes and put food on the table, fighting to get their kids back to school. Student suicides are spiking. Anxiety and depression in children are spiking but shed tears for two rich folks because they decided to leave the UK because people were mean. Is this for real? You simply cannot make this up.

As for liberal America, you’re no longer the party of the working man that you claim you are. You’re going through an identity crisis. You say the GOP screwed over working people by voting against this relief bill that helps no one under this pandemic, but then drop everything to circle the wagons around…rich members of the Royal Family because Markle doled out a racism charge? What is this?

Racism and perpetual outrage are becoming the drugs of our era right now, and no one can be sated. Liberals must find ways to be miserable, and they decided to snort a nice line of Harry and Meghan to get that high. On a side note, maybe the Royals and Americans don’t mix, especially on that institutional level. We’re seeing it now with Harry and Meghan, though not nearly as bad as when Edward VIII married twice-divorced socialite Wallis Simpson.


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