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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Well, to start, this election isn’t over. They’re still counting ballots. There are legal challenges. And there’s mounting evidence of alleged voter fraud. The 2020 election was anything but triumphant for President Trump. The polls were off…again. And yes, I was wrong regarding the outcome. I thought this would be a win for the MAGA agenda. It was a lot closer in reality.

Joe Biden has been anointed the president-elect before all the votes have even been counted. And now, liberals, Democrats, and their allies in the media are saying that Trump supporters and I have to accept the results. No. Sorry, whose side threw a four-year tantrum over the results of the 2016 election? Which side riots in the streets when they don’t get their way? Which side bought into the media-manufactured myth of Russian collusion and launched a politically motivated impeachment effort to reverse the 2016 election results? That would be the Democrats.

Also, these same people have called me a deplorable Nazi for four years. As we speak, we have folks talking about an accountability project in which anyone and everyone who helped the Trump administration and campaign in any way will be added to some sort of list. Yes, the Left is creating an enemies list. And Joe says he wants to unite. No, sir—I can’t unite with the likes of you.

Democrats are corrupt liars who cannot be trusted. They’ve become increasingly radicalized over the past decade, and Joe isn’t going to be able to fight them off; his vice president is part of the far-left fringe. So, besides not trusting Joe and the Democrats, there’s next to zero percent confidence he’ll be able to curb the radical leftist influences that will probably force some legislative showdown in Congress. These people hate us. We should all act accordingly.

Being the "better person" narrative never matters. You don’t get votes off that. You get the faux respect coverage from liberal media members, which is just a sign to those elements that you’ve been defeated and have submitted to their narrative. Enough. Fight to count every LEGAL vote. Is that so radical? No.

I know Joe probably meant what he said about uniting and how he doesn’t see red states and blue states, etc., taking a line from Barack Obama, but that’s not the reality on the ground. We hate each other. There are red states and blue states. This is about Democrats and Republicans. This is a war between conservatives and the far Left. How can I unite with someone who will never look out for my interests? I cannot. This sentiment is run-of-the-mill stuff for the winning side of a close election. It has a shelf life of about five seconds, especially with the vocal, angry, and unhinged progressive elements that are quickly overtaking the Democratic base. These people are the real deplorables pushing an illiberal and unconstitutional agenda.

Joe Biden will never be my president. But should all else fail, and he becomes the president-elect, I shall do what I did under Obama—resist. Brick by brick, I will work to build a wall to prevent Joe from getting a second term, starting with the Georgia runoff elections, and the 2022 midterms, where we can ensure he becomes more of a caretaker president with an overwhelmingly Republican Congress. 

I know I won’t be alone in that effort.


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