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You hear it from some folks out there: "I'm a Republican, and I'm voting for Joe Biden." No, you're not a Republican; you're just a Democrat. I will say this until the day I die; I'd rather chug bleach than ever vote for a Democrat. It's just not going to happen. I'm a party loyalist. I'm the base voter personified. There is next to nothing a Republican can do that wouldn't make me want to vote for him or her. Yes, if Trump shot someone of Fifth Avenue, I'd still vote for him.

It will never make sense to me why someone who claims to be a Republican, someone who believes in capitalism, free markets, the Second Amendment, fewer regulations, fewer taxes, and freedom of speech, would latch onto a camp that peddles economic and intellectual serfdom. I don't get why the Republican Party, which loves America, would side with the most miserable people on the planet who hate this country. Yes, the most miserable people with their Lexuses, Whole Foods groceries, and SoulCycle memberships complaining about how awful America is. Really? Folks, Kamala Harris, a black woman, is a vice presidential nominee. Is it historic? Yes. Is Harris still trash? Also, yes. But only in America could her story be possible. This doesn't happen in Jamaica. Are you high?

So, with Democrats being totally blind to how good they have it and how all their heroes wouldn't even have a voice if it weren't for America despite them comparing this society to something like Nazi Germany, why would you side with these people? They still hate you. They will always hate you. They're not your friends. They're lizard people.

The same goes for the so-called Republican crew who backed Hillary Clinton. Oh, I almost forgot, we're an anti-abortion party. This is a huge issue for conservatives—true conservatives. And these clowns supported baby killer Clinton and now Joe Biden, who, by the way, isn't Catholic. Sorry, you cannot be Catholic and support infanticide. I haven't gone to church in years, but I do remember that was a pretty clear rule.

Joe Biden is opposed to everything the GOP stands for as a party culturally and politically. Again, what type of black tar heroin are you stupid people taking? Is it truly based on personality? You don't like Trump's tweets, his character, well too bad. I didn't like Trump's character, to begin with, but I don't care about his alleged affairs. We all knew we weren't voting for a saint, but he promoted an agenda that I agreed with 85 percent of the time. How is that not my guy in the 2016 general election? Trump is my guy. And I'm excited seeing the base experiment and maybe fully adopt this right-wing populist direction it's undertaking. There is nothing wrong with that; I'm a proud Trump Republican if you want to pin me down on where I stand right now.

If you're voting against Trump because of rhetoric, you must have missed the early elections, which were downright nasty. This is a nasty business. Backstabbing and corruption are part of this gritty world—deal with it. Also, always be prepared to have your heroes disappoint you. It's bound to happen the longer they stay in the swamp. Trump is focused on one thing: getting stuff done. He did that by rebuilding our military, reshaping the judiciary for the next generation, protecting gun rights, reducing taxes, cutting red tape, making progress on Middle East peace, creating millions of jobs. Unemployment dropped to its lowest ever across the board for men, women, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. Consumer and small business confidence reached their highest marks in years. If this isn't worthy of Republican approval, then the party is truly lost as it's lost its ability to see a winning record of accomplishment. This is worth a second term for sure. You're voting for Biden because…Trump tweets?

What to do with these traitors? Nothing. Ignore them. One thing we tend to forget is that there's a reason why MSNBC, CNN, and other lying news outlets feature these clowns pervasively. They serve their point in attacking Trump. It's an echo chamber. The party, blessedly, doesn't have this many weak, pathetic, and spineless members in the rank-and-file. Now, I do know some of these folks who are backing Biden who call themselves Republicans. They're not bad folks, though I think a lot of people in this camp are deplorable grifters. They're entitled to their opinion, but they can never come back to the GOP. Jeff Flake, Colin Powell, John Kasich, Meg Whitman, Christine Todd Whitman, and other members of the "GOP for Biden" loser brigade are finished. First, most of them have been out of the game for ten years or more. Who cares what they have to say? For Kasich, his reason partially rests in trying to break the tribalism he thinks is tearing the country apart. John, this is the nature of politics. There are parties for a reason. And the Left has folks who would tear you apart like warm bread if they could. Why? They hate you and everything you stand for.

These clowns are a small sliver. Yes, they're traitors. They never had the stomach for a bloody fight. Let the Democrats eat them—and ignore their screams when their "new friends" cannibalize them—politically. You made your choice, folks.


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