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We Should Be Thankful That the DNC Is Only Airing Two Hours of Coverage Per Night

Posted: Aug 18, 2020 6:00 AM
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We Should Be Thankful That the DNC Is Only Airing Two Hours of Coverage Per Night

Source: Democratic National Convention via AP

It was a brutal two hours. We have three more days of it. The Democratic National Convention has begun. And because of COVID, it's all virtual. All the speeches are given remotely; some are pre-recorded. Luckily, we're only subjected to two hours of this torture, and we should be thankful. It was the longest two hours of my life, folks. I'm going to need a mountain of cocaine, like the one Tony Montana was snorting at the end of "Scarface" to survive this week.

It's just a cacophony of nonsense. And it's bizarre. Mr. Producer, who runs things behind the scenes for the Triggered Podcast, wondered if he was watching the DNC or discount MTV from the 1990s. Yeah, the musical performances were something to behold, as well. It was no "macarena" moment, which was famous during the 1996 Democratic National Convention—but still awkward. Why are we doing this? What the hell are we watching?

The speeches, of course, are just painful. They're even more insufferable now, as members of the Democratic Party, totally infested with Trump derangement syndrome, line up to attack the president's character. Have they still not figured out that no one cares? No one cares, guys. Yet, they keep hitting on this point, one of the many indicators that liberalism isn't grounded in facts or pragmatism, but emotions. And when people get hysterical, the stupid flows like wine. That's the Democrats in 2020. It was just shameless. You have Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who will run for president someday, touting his COVID policy that killed thousands. If I have kids and they point to pictures of Andrew Cuomo, I'm going to tell them this was COVID. Cuomo is a murderer who killed people. He forced nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. That is a fact, and it got people killed. His administration is now pegged to body bags. His legacy is that he killed a ton of the elderly, the infirmed, and the vulnerable. And yet, he's seen as some COVID ace.

It's this type of gaslighting and propaganda that's become something to behold. It's the DNC. Of course, it's biased, but this year's convention is extra saturated with bulls***. Again, we have to endure two hours of it. Well, we do; you lucky folks can simply change the channel to something a million times more entertaining.

Maybe this is how they always were when delegates were permitted to gather. Honestly, that notion is probably correct, but having this all done via remote just seems odd. Just have the delegates vote and Joe Biden accepts the nomination. Let him speak, let Kamala speak, and some other party heavyweights deliver remarks, but that's it. And keep it to one night if we're going by a pandemic protocol for conventions in future elections. We all know the debates, the only vestige of a normal campaign cycle, is where the real show will begin, and the stakes will be increased. All it takes is one bad debate performance or moment for this whole race to be turned upside down. And Biden being up over Trump nationally by eight points this far out shouldn't give the Left any hope that this thing is over. If anything, it shows what little buffer Joe has—and he's a master at blowing up his own spot.

Until then, we have to endure this circus. As some have noted on social media, another three days of this, I'd rather get the coronavirus.