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It was a great day for justice last week. Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, was vindicated. He didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t lie to the FBI. He wasn’t some key pawn in the Trump-Russia collusion delusion that has engulfed the country. He was the victim of a Trump-deranged Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It’s all in the DOJ’s motion to dismiss the case. There was no basis to speak to Flynn for the bureau’s counterintelligence probe, or any FBI probe for that matter. Flynn had conversations with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak before President Trump entered the Oval Office. He was the national security adviser. That’s part of his job. The FBI wanted to weaponize it. They did. The agents who interviewed Flynn felt he didn’t lie to them, but James Comey and Andrew McCabe, two of the biggest disgraces to public service in recent memory, wanted to entrap Flynn.

By any means necessary, they were going to try and scalp a top Trump official. They almost succeeded. Flynn was facing financial ruin and was forced to take a guilty plea to this politically motivated hit job. Flynn got new lawyers, set into motion plans to withdraw his plea, and his new legal team set about to clear his name. His lawyer Sidney Powell declared in October that documents would show a plot within the FBI to entrap her client. When the documents were released, it revealed just that—and Flynn’s lawyers warned more damning documents were soon to be released. The DOJ moved quickly to drop the criminal case.

It once again shows that there is an anti-Trump bias at the DOJ, there is a deep state, and these folks are malicious as hell. Liberal lawyer Jonathan Turley said that Flynn might have a case to sue the DOJ/FBI for malicious prosecution. The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel had multiple Twitter threads about how the FBI deviated from policy to entrap Flynn, going as far as to suggest the tactics used against Flynn were more in keeping with the Russian secret police. Let’s just do one last recap (via WSJ):

Mr. Comey and his loyalists then set up Mr. Flynn in an interview despite having no legal basis. The documents show that Mr. Comey told his deputies not to inform the White House general counsel of the visit and not to tell the White House about his conversation with the ambassador. They also show that Mr. Comey worked around senior Justice officials, including Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who thought the White House should be informed. As he did with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Hillary Clinton’s emails, Mr. Comey acted as if he was a law unto himself.

At the time the agents admitted they did not think Mr. Flynn was lying to them. But as the Justice filing notes, without a legitimate investigative purpose, whether Mr. Flynn was lying was immaterial. He should never have been prosecuted.

Yet Mr. Mueller, who knew all this soon after becoming special counsel, pursued Mr. Flynn, threatening him and his son with ruin until he got the guilty plea. The prosecutor on the case, Brandon Van Grack, was part of Mr. Mueller’s team and consistently denied there was relevant material the government had not turned over to the defense.

But surely the lack of a legal predicate for the interview was exculpatory. Mr. Van Grack told the court Thursday he is withdrawing from the case, but an investigation is warranted to see if he lied to the court. Mr. Mueller’s reputation also stands self-besmirched, and the entire Russia collusion probe looks even more illegitimate and political.

Yes, the Mueller probe, which was the second phase of this FBI counterintelligence probe (the DOJ took it over after Comey was fired), also needs to be reviewed for malfeasance because it looks like this act was set up to give the FBI’s dogshit collusion probe an aura of legitimacy. It was a cover job, and now the dirty laundry these clowns thought they could sweep under the rug of a Clinton presidency is being aired. Its stench is too overpowering. He was a victim of the anti-Trump deep state. But so was another person whose name has tragically been lost in all of this: Carter Page.

Page was a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign and viewed as some evil double-agent during this whole fiasco. This ordeal destroyed his life. And it was all for nothing. 

We all know the roots of this fiasco. It started with the Trump dossier, a biased piece of political opposition research loaded with Russian misinformation, collected by ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele, and funded by Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign. This dossier was used as the key piece of evidence against Page, despite the unverified document not being vetted. We know this because the glaring errors in it would, or should, have been a red flag at the FBI, the nation’s preeminent law enforcement and domestic intelligence agency whose investigative prowess is world-renowned…until 2016.

The one thing the Mueller report did get right was saying a) there is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, and b) trashing this dossier as total bunk. The Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz also said the Trump dossier was trash while adding that the FISA warrants against Page were loaded with errors, and those errors were systemic, emanating from management on down. The FISA warrant against Page either omitted or excluded exculpatory evidence regarding this Russian collusion nonsense. 

Remember, the anti-Trump DOJ wanted scalps. They had their marching orders from Obama, which was to protect this FBI probe, especially when it came to it being discovered by the incoming Trump administration. We cannot forget the first victim in all of this: A Democratic president ordered his DOJ to spy on members of a presidential campaign of the rival party. This is worse than Watergate. This is COINTELPRO reloaded. Also, this isn’t the Falcon and the Snowman, though many in the liberal media hoped it would be something like that story. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, whose show is a more mainstream, seemingly more academic version of Alex Jones’ Info Wars, really, really wanted that to be the case. It wasn’t. We found that out definitively in January (via Fox News):

At least two of the FBI’s surveillance applications to secretly monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page lacked probable cause, according to a newly declassified summary of a Justice Department assessment released Thursday by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

The DOJ's admission essentially means that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant authorizations to surveil Page, when stripped of the FBI's misinformation, did not meet the necessary legal threshold and should never have been issued. Democrats, including Rep. Adam Schiff, had previously insisted the Page FISA warrants met "rigorous" standards for probable cause, and mocked Republicans for suggesting otherwise.

The June 2017 Page FISA warrant renewal, which was among the two deemed invalid by the DOJ, was approved by then-Acting FBI Director (and now CNN contributor) Andrew McCabe, as well as former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The April 2017 warrant renewal was approved by then-FBI Director James Comey. 

Even when the Mueller report was released, Page said it omitted a key detail, like the fact that he worked for the…FBI, CIA, and the State Department. And yet, this guy just turns out to be a possible Russian agent—SURPRISE! Page said he’d had a working relationship with the CIA for decades; the CIA didn’t know he was a Kremlin pawn? Yeah, the more information is unveiled, the more this looks like a hoax. Oh wait—we’re already there.

Both of these men were victims of an Obama DOJ run amok. Everyone at the January 5, 2017 meeting at the Oval Office, where Obama gave his marching orders for how to handle protecting the FBI’s Russia investigation, which included spying on the campaign and an innocent American citizen, have to be dragged up to the Hill for more questions. And that includes former President Barack Obama, who appears to be a silent purveyor regarding this collusion myth. 

While not explicitly clear, it does appear that the former president wanted his officials to do what they could to inflict damage onto the incoming Trump administration, to give it a devastating case of institutional cancer. This was done to…save our institutions, so says liberal America. To save them, we must destroy them. That’s what this Russian collusion circus did. It’s idiocy on a grand scale, coupled with bouts of evil genius. This was a coordinated hit job. It was a political assassination attempt against a new administration, and these folks were going to pile the political bodies high, Constitution be damned, to accomplish it for Barry. 

In the meantime, Flynn and Page’s lives are in ruins simply because they worked for a man that liberals don’t like. If that’s the new standard, it’s going to get awfully bloody in DC. I’m okay with that, given what has transpired. We need scalps of our own, dangling in a necklace around our necks, like something out of Legends of the Fall.

Don’t turn the page on Carter, folks. He’s still waiting for justice to be served on his end. And he deserves it many times over. Once we have a better handle on COVID, we better have hearings about this nonsense. This can only happen with a Republican Congress. The Democrats are liars. They’re corrupt. They will have Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) trying to muck up the works to prevent the truth from coming out.

Vote Republican and get justice. That’s the game plan. Oh, and give Trump a second term, in which he’ll have to use boats to sail into DC for his second inauguration from all the liberal tears that will be flowing out of the city.


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