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The Southern Border might be thousands of miles away from New Hampshire, but you can ask anyone in law enforcement here: that’s the undisputed source of the drugs poisoning our communities. Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress know this, too. They just don’t care. 


On Day 1 of the Biden administration, our border was secure—but the President’s radical left base was not. To shore up the MSNBC crowd, they immediately rolled back nearly every one of President Trump’s policies. These shortsighted actions include repealing the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy, stonewalling construction of the border wall, and re-implementing the dangerous catch-and-release policy that President Trump ended. They floated the idea of offering illegal immigrants $450,000 in taxpayer funds. Now even Title 42, one of the last tools for an overwhelmed Border Patrol, is on the chopping block. 

The results of these actions speak for themselves: an entirely avoidable humanitarian and national security crisis is right at our doorstep. Encounters with illegal immigrants are up a staggering 331% this past March over where they were at this point under the Trump Administration. Of the record 2.4 million illegal aliens that have been apprehended at the Southern Border since Biden took office, over 500,000 of them have been released into our communities.

These figures don’t just represent a statistic thousands of miles away; they tragically tell story about the influx of lethal drugs that cartels send across our wide-open border and into the hands of our friends and neighbors here in New Hampshire. 

Rarely has there been such a clear-cut example of a complete policy breakdown. From the dramatic increase in illegal border crossings to the rise in drug and human trafficking, these were all foreseeable consequences of Joe Biden’s anti-Trump crusade at the border. 


Holding Joe Biden accountable for the crisis he created starts this November by defeating his enablers in Congress.

Take Chris Pappas, for example, who represents communities in New Hampshire that are being torn apart by the drugs coming across the Southern Border. He didn’t just fail to stand up to the leader of his Party on this life-or-death issue for our state; he’s aided and abetted the bad policymaking all along. He voted in favor of allowing amnesty and green cards to millions of illegal immigrants—rewarding those who come into the United States illegally. He called funding the border wall “irresponsible.” His positions and Party are so out-of-touch, he can’t even hold an in-person town hall to defend them.

Soon, this phone-it-in, proxy voting Congressman won’t have to worry about facing furious voters, but as new members of Congress, we will need to act quickly to restore our country’s sovereignty and protect Americans.

I will start by introducing legislation to end catch-and-release once and for all and codify the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy. I will also fight to reform the H-1B programs that allow Big Tech companies to undercut the wages of American workers and to give our border patrol agents the funding they need and the latitude necessary to work with local communities so they can successfully do their jobs.

Recently, I met with a small business owner in Merrimack who immigrated to America legally from Mexico, worked hard to put food on the table for her family, and became an American citizen. Now, she owns and operates an extremely successful restaurant. She, and so many others like her, played by the rules and did the right thing by immigrating to America legally. Americans like her make our country great. Politicians like Chris Pappas and Joe Biden make us less safe.


It’s time to finish the wall. It’s time to stop catch and release. It’s time to stop the illegal border crossings. It’s time to shut down the flow of illicit drugs that cartels and gangs bring into our country daily. It’s beyond time to secure our border.

Matt Mowers served as Senior White House Advisor in the U.S. Department of State inthe Trump Administration and was the 2020 Republican Nominee in New Hampshire’s1st Congressional District.

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