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In Defense of a Couple of Thugs

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Those who have read my writings on China know that I have very little good to say about that country.  The government is a Leftist, totalitarian dictatorship, the greatest mass murdering nation in human history.  A caricature of Mao Zedong, the number one murderer to ever live, is on all the country’s money.  The CCP (I believe deliberately) spread a virus around the world in 2020 which is still an issue for almost every nation, if only because the rapidly-produced vaccines are killing people just like the virus did.  Too many people in China are following the lead of their government into lying, cheating, stealing, etc., which is always common in paranoid Marxist/atheist/totalitarian nations that demand conformity.  The Chinese government, and masses of her people, simply have not risen out of barbarism yet.  


However, I will add a caveat I have mentioned before:  there are some very good people in China, dear friends of mine, who are simply caught in a situation they cannot escape.  I ache for them.  They are slaves who must obey their masters.  And their masters do what masters in a slave-based system always do:  utterly abuse those under them.  China is a horrible country, though again, with some decent people trapped inside the cage of Marxist, Leftist, atheistic savagery.

I am going to say something good about the CCP below, however.

Before I do, I want to shift to Vladimir Putin, who is an evil rodent, and whose attack on Ukraine—regardless of the history of the relationship between the two countries—was a blatant act of aggression totally without justification.  But I don’t believe that war is any of America’s business any more than most of the wars that have plagued, and are plaguing, humanity.  If America is threatened, we defend ourselves with everything we’ve got.  Otherwise, we mind our own business.  China IS threatening us, in many ways right now, and we need a comprehensive, compelling response, something Biden and the Democrats are incapable of.  We need to keep an eye on Putin, of course, because he has lots of nukes and he is a gangster controlling a powerful country.  But I’m a lot more worried about China than I am about Russia.  MUCH more so.  I live in China and have studied their history.  I know what they are and what they intend.  Russia gave up the Marxist goal of world conquest after the fall of the USSR; China still believes in it.


And then, there is Joe Biden, the vilest President America has ever had.  

Let’s do a comparison.  Here is a quote from a recent edition of “Moscow Times”:

“President Vladimir Putin [recently] signed a controversial law that bans legal and surgical sex changes, a move that deprives transgender Russians of the right to access gender-affirming services.

The law, which makes ‘medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person’ and ‘the state registration of a change of gender without an operation’ illegal, was swiftly passed by both houses of the Russian parliament earlier this month.

The law also bans individuals who have undergone gender reassignment from adopting children and annuls marriages in which one of the partners is transgender.”

Kudos to Vladimir Putin and the Russian parliament.  The “Moscow Times” seemingly doesn’t like the law, but most journalists everywhere now are nothing but Leftist shills.  The Russians know what a man and a woman are, and more importantly, are protecting their future—their children—from the mental health aberrations so frequently caused by transgender perversion.  I applaud Russia for this, 100%.  

Yes, Puttin invaded Ukraine.  But Joe Biden and Democrats mutilate children.  I think war is horrible, but mutilating children is an utter, despicable, inhuman abomination, the sickest, most evil act that humanity is currently committing.  Praise where praise is due—to Putin and Russia.  Damnation where damnation is due—to Biden and the Democrats.


Xi Jinping also realizes that masculinity in men is essential for national strength.  Several years ago, he banned transvestites and “sissy men” from all public television.  I have almost nothing good to say about Xi Jinping.  But, I do applaud his common sense here.  Yes, he is doing everything he can to undermine and destroy the family and the moral foundations of America.  He knows, while Joe Biden and too many Americans don’t, that the most important part of any edifice is the foundation.  Destroy it and the building collapses.  So, Xi is protecting that in China while trying to obliterate it in America (see the recent “Epoch Times” article, “Chinese Communist Infiltration of America’s K-12 Classrooms is a Growing Concern”).

Putin and Xi realize what Western Leftists, Joe Biden, and the Democratic Party do not, viz., that a people of little moral strength and character are easy prey to defeat.  Thus, Putin and Xi are defending the foundations (the family) of their own countries while (Xi especially) is trying to destroy it in America.  Yes, both of those men are mass murdering monsters, thieves, liars, cheats, and human scum.  But the Democratic Party in America has become virtually the same thing, only worse.  Xi and Putin know what a man and a woman are, and know that an effeminate society will never have the might and potency to resist a masculine one.  That is just human nature.  Men are stronger than women.  And if a man thinks he is a woman, he will act like one in a crisis.  If Xi can help turn America into a nation full of sissies, or people who protect them, he has won the war before the first battle is even fought.  And he knows it.  Joe Biden is clueless.


As much as I scorn Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, they are ten times smarter than Biden and his Uniparty allies ever thought about being.  

Salute to China and Russia for protecting their most valuable resource—their children.  Oh, that America would do the same.

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