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It’s Time to Ban Cars for Traffic Fatalities

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AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

In 2022, there were 42,795 motor vehicle fatalities in the United States.  That was actually an improvement because in 2021, there were 42,915 such deaths (pedestrians, cyclists, and others included).  That’s a 0.28% decline from 2021 to 2022.  But there is bad news, too.  In 2020, there were “only” 38,824 traffic deaths, thus a 10.5% increase from 2020 to 2021.  Cars are killing people.


Traffic deaths are rising.  These inanimate objects (cars) are killing far more Americans every year than guns are.  Dr. Walter Williams once suggested a nearly infallible method of ending all traffic deaths, saving around 40,000 lives a year:  set a national speed limit of 5 miles per hour.  That would almost surely end nearly every traffic fatality.  I’ll go him one better—ban all cars.  Let’s go back to horses and buggies.  That would take care of it for sure.  Bill Gates and the WEF might even approve.

But, of course, cars will not be outlawed nor speed limits reduced to 5 MPH.  Democrats and other totalitarians drive cars, too.  Thus, deaths will continue.

So, the issue really isn’t the number of deaths caused by an inanimate object, is it.

The old adage “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is obvious to everyone who isn’t a Joe Biden clone.  And as a studied historian, I can guarantee all readers that, since guns were invented, there has never been one, single instance of a gun, all by itself, arising from its staid location, and killing a human being.  Or even another gun.  Guns don’t even kill each other.  Like humans do.  Guns are neutral objects; they only kill innocent people when they are in the hands of people who aren’t innocent.


Likewise knives.  And cars.  Indeed, no inanimate object, of its own volition, has ever taken the life of a human being.  Now, rockslides, tornados, avalanches, etc., do occur, of course, and deaths result.  But I said, “of its own volition.”  We don’t blame the rocks or the snow when they kill people.  But Democrats do blame guns.

A very minscule percentage of guns are being misused to murder people in America (and other places in the world).  Too many people.  One is too many.  We all want this madness stopped.  But the gun didn’t kill anybody; it was only the ignorant tool of a monster.  The murderer is the person, and only the person, who pulled the trigger.  If an animate finger hadn’t pulled the trigger, no one would have died.  That inanimate trigger didn’t pull itself and it never will.  It needs an evil, or crazed, human to do that.

The answer Democrats offer, of course, is to ban guns.  They can’t ban people (though Bill Gates, the WEF, etc. want to, and the Leftist ChiComs are masters at it), and liberal DAs refuse to put murderers behind bars (or at the end of a rope) where they belong.  Indeed, the murderer often is the “victim” (unless he is a white male).  

Nobody (but criminals) opposes keeping guns out of the hands of people who will abuse them, and there are countless laws designed to do just that.  How many more are needed?  Drunks shouldn’t be allowed to drive cars, and we have laws against that, too.  But drunks do drive, and monsters do get guns.  We aren’t going to prohibit honest people from owning cars just because a few people misuse them.  But the Democrats want to stop honest people from owning guns even though far fewer people are killed with guns every year than by cars.  It doesn’t seem terribly consistent.  If we are going to ban stuff, let’s ban the stuff that kills the most people.  


Stop going after the inanimate object and focus on the REAL problem—the monsters who abuse them—like we do with drunk drivers.

But all of that is, frankly, almost irrelevant.  To Democrats, “gun control” has nothing to do with the number of people killed by guns, and everything to do with power and control.  Adolf Hitler took guns away from his people and killed countless, unprotected millions with little opposition.  Ditto Joseph Stalin.  Mao Zedong.  “Disarm the people—that is the best and most effective way to enslave them” (James Madison).  The number of resultant deaths in the 20th and 21st centuries by Leftist thugs running socialist governments (add “National Socialism”) probably exceeded 150 million, though we will never know the exact figure.  Xi Jinping continues to add to it.  This isn’t about deaths.  This is about disarming patriots so they can’t defend themselves when the Leftist, totalitarian government takes over.  That is the purpose, and that is the SOLE purpose.

Some evil people use an inanimate object (a gun or a knife—or a car) to kill other people (some use a virus).  Honest people protect themselves and their families any way they can, and they have every right to do so.  Some will use guns, if necessary, for protection.  That is a legitimate use of a gun.  The gun has no choice in either case—murder or protection.  There are, on average, 1,500 deaths by knife every year in America (over 10,000 by drunk drivers; ban alcohol again?).  Do we blame the knife and thus should prohibit those, too?  Is the abuse of an object a legitimate argument against its proper use?


The Leftist ideology of Democrats and mass murderers Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Xi, et al, saturates America now, so we are seeing terrible crimes committed by equally demonic, amoral brutes.  If the Left (the Democratic Party) gets total control, and if they get our guns, prepare for mass slaughter.  That’s been the history.

To the Left, “gun control,” 100%, is about controlling and dominating you, as proven in the 20th century when they didn’t care how many people died.  And they don’t today, either.  Only a fool—or somebody who craves the power to commit mass slaughter if deemed ideologically necessary—will blame an inanimate object for what evil people do with it.  

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