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I’m not a small guy, but I’m not excessively large, either.  I’m 6 feet, 1 inch tall, and weigh about 190 pounds.  Big, but not monstrous.  But I’m big enough to beat up most 10-year-olds.


I suspect if I were to pick a fight with a 10-year-old boy, I could win.  I could knock him to the ground, kick him, stomp on him awhile, leave him moaning in pain, and then prance around, my arms raised in victory, glorying in my “achievement” of slaughtering somebody half my size.  Wouldn’t I be wonderful?

Since I am physically superior to nearly every 10-year-old boy in the world, I imagine there aren’t many people who would think I had accomplished something noteworthy by KOing a child.  In fact, any decent person (and even most Democrats) would be repulsed by my actions, and I would probably (rightfully) be arrested.  It isn’t manly to beat up a 10-year-old child.  Men don’t do things like that, not real men.  Not men who have pride in who, and what, they are, who understand their nature, who realize that men are stronger than children, and to beat up a child is a despicable act of shame for any so-called “man.”  If I did it, it wouldn’t change the fact that I am a male, but I hope nobody would call me a “man.”

The Bible calls women the “weaker vessel” (I Peter 3:7).  By this it means nothing but physical strength.  Females are certainly not “weaker” than males in intelligence, spiritual abilities, morality, wisdom or any other mental or cognitive aptitude.  And it’s not that women are lacking in physical fortitude; birthing a child requires tremendous strength, courage, and determination, something males have no clue about but probably wouldn’t want to endure.  No, women are not “weaker” than men except in raw physical ability.


So, most females are not as physically capable as most males.  That’s just a simple fact of nature.  I’m not going to waste words proving it.  Women are wonderful creatures, but most are not as physically proficient as most males.  They cannot run as fast, swim as quickly, lift as much weight, hit a baseball as far, move as dexterously on a basketball court, hit a tennis ball as hard, punch with as much power—females do not have the physical gifts God (or even evolution) gave to males.  Women have their gifts, some perhaps superior to men.  But equal physical skill isn’t among them.

And so—back to my introduction—if a 6 foot 1 inch, 190 pound male were to beat up a 5 foot 2 inch, 90 pound boy, he would have absolutely nothing to boast of.  It would be repulsive, even if he called himself a “child.”  “I’m not a man, I’m just a bigger child, a little older than this 10-year-old.  So, I want to fight 10-year-olds.”  Who would accept that?  I doubt even “Lia” Thomas would.  

But when a male, who by nature is physically superior to every true woman competing, wins against those women, he is celebrated as if he has done something magnificent—as long as he calls himself a “woman”.  He gets to raise his arms in victory, dance his dance, act like he is proud of himself for doing something amazing.  And the world celebrates his “accomplishment.”


All because he SAYS he is a woman.  Without one iota of physical proof, indeed, against all physical proof.  Just say, “I am a woman,” and he becomes one.  And he can gain victory after victory against female athletes who have sacrificed so much to train as diligently as possible, but can never be as physically capable as he is simply because nature (God) didn’t make them that way.

He isn’t a woman.  He’s a male, but not a MAN.

A true man becomes such by his just achievements.  He has pride—sometimes maybe too much—but he takes satisfaction in what he has done.  And indeed, every true man finds fulfillment and joy in life through his accomplishments.  He works hard to overcome odds and become successful.  Like starting a business.  Increasing his wages as his skills improve, becoming a husband and father, buying a home, providing for and protecting his family—yes, even the “weaker vessel” he married. A real MAN has pride and glories in his noteworthy successes against obstacles THAT ARE EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN HIMSELF!!  I can take pride when I do that.  That’s manhood.  

But such a man gains no glory in beating up 10-year-olds.  Or in winning swimming or foot races against women. There is no excellence in that.  No MAN would ever be proud of defeating women and children.  Or even wanting to compete against them.  And any society that does glorify such tragedies is a sick, warped, degenerating society that should have no pride in itself, either, and should hang its head in shame.


Shame on you, Joe Biden.  Shame on you, ESPN.  Shame on you, America.  For not protecting the physically weaker vessel against crybabies who are male, but not MEN.  Who cringe and flee from meeting the equal or superior challenges of life that a true MAN faces and attempts to conquer.  Who are too cowardly to compete against their own kind, so they disgrace themselves by competing against the physically inferior.  These pathetic excuses of humanity aren’t even good for women because, even though she may be physically weaker than man, no woman would degrade herself by preening over defeating someone far frailer than herself.  A grown woman beating up a 10-year-old child is no better than a grown man doing it.  And no decent woman would glory in it, either.  

I would never fight a child.  I would be ashamed of myself for doing it.  Any genuine man would.  Any true woman would, too.  Transgenders certainly aren’t MEN.  And they make lousy women, too.

When one of these craven cowards says, “I’m not a man!”, that is the only thing he says I whole-heartedly agree with.    

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