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How long does it take to spill a glass of milk?  Maybe half a second?  How long does it take to clean it up?

What does a “woke” doctor need, time-wise, to mutilate a 16-year-old girl?  A few hours at most?  How long will it take for her to recover?  There is a good chance she never will.


For all of history, humans, when clustered together in large packs, have caused multitudes of problems.  Selfishness is the main reason.  Each person wants what he/she wants, and those desires are often in conflict and create conflict.  When those humans form “nations,” they frequently attempt to solve their differences by war, which is forever a catastrophe.  This paragraph is a major reason why the WEF would like to eliminate at least half of the world’s population.  As Joseph Stalin once said, “No man, no problem.”  The WEF might end up getting its wish.

And, yeah, obliterating massive numbers of humans probably would settle some issues.  But this is not a solution that any decent, honorable person would tolerate for a moment.  It is horrific.  We’ve got to find something else.

America certainly has its share of troubles at present, the great majority of them caused by the Democratic Party and its godless, humanity-desecrating policies.  I, and other Townhall writers, often point out the dangers the Democratic Party has led, and is leading, America into.  And I, and other Townhall contributors, often get asked, “What are the solutions?”

We haven’t just spilled one glass of milk on a table, folks.  The milk has been spilt country-wide.  It might take a few minutes to wipe up the mess on a table; how much time will be required to clean up a disaster that covers 50 states?  And how to do it?  Especially when half the country continues to deliberately spill milk.


I try to be honest with people.  There is no simple, quick solution which will eliminate the myriads of disorders the pagan Left has imposed upon the United States.  Surprisingly, the answers may not be that difficult to discover; but implementing them will be like climbing Mt. Everest.  Follow me and see what I mean.  

Solution 1.  We need a new Great Awakening.  Asbury is a good start, but it’s only that.  Those with eyes to see can clearly perceive that America’s movement away from God has certainly not improved our social, cultural, moral, or even economic situation.  They are all drastically worse.  We must return to God if there is any hope at all.

This is the biggest battle we face because, of course, the atheistic Left will never submit to it.  We need to educate ourselves on how to defend Judeo/Christian evidence and do it with all our might.  America’s survival depends upon it. 

Solution 2.  We need better people to run for office.  Rotten people running a country will produce a rotten country.  The problem (sorry) is, in a democracy, the only way rotten people can get into power is if other rotten people elect them.  But I know there remain millions of good, decent, honorable souls in the United States, and they must take on the challenge of local, state, and federal offices.  These people need to step up, sacrifice, and serve.  And they must start NOW.


Solution 3.  An overhaul of the education system is essential.  Every one of us knows this.  How do we do it?  Well, again, we require good people who are willing to become teachers—from kindergarten to university.  Capturing the minds and hearts of the nation’s youth is an indispensable prerequisite for rescuing America from the sewer the Left has dragged the country into.  That begins with education.  And….

Solution 4.  With the family.  The Left knows its garbage culture cannot survive the nuclear family, which is why it is desperate to destroy it.  We need parents who raise their children in godly ways, encouraging them to perhaps look at a life of public service in government or in academia.  Yes, we need business leaders, etc.; but the rot has risen to the leadership.  Again, we must elect the right kinds of people to public office.  But to do that, they must be trained in the correct principles of life and service.  Children have to be taught proper ways.  That starts in the home.  And parents must band together in an indefatigable, unstoppable march to fight schools who are attempting to brainwash their children with Leftist, atheistic propaganda.

There are many other areas that require work—conservative media people, business and religious leaders, technical and industrial trailblazers—the filth is deep and in nearly every warp and woof of society.  Asking somebody else, “how are we going to clean up that spilt milk?” is not going to get the milk cleaned up.  We need people to take action.  Voting is necessary, of course, but currently isn’t getting it done because, again, if our choice is solely between two rotten apples, the selection will only produce a belly ache.   


America requires its best people, immediately, to step forth and fight for her, to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the public and education (and other) sectors.  Asking for answers isn’t providing them.  It is only when we act that solutions are implemented.

Our nation didn’t get into its current condition overnight, and those who—deliberately—brought the country to its present status have a vested interest in continuing the existing course of degradation and degeneration.  And they will fight to protect what they have created.  It took awhile to get here; it may take longer to get out of it.  

My dear reader, what are YOU doing to help America overcome the Leftist terror currently destroying her?  What are you DOING…?

My western novels are still on sale, Whitewater and River Bend, and are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and  A third western, Allie’s Dilemma, is available for Kindle only.   Also search YouTube “mark kevin lewis” for some of my Bible commentary videos.  And my blog at for other articles.

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