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Ng Han Guan

China is certainly one of the most totalitarian countries in the world, and such is what endears it to Western Leftists.  Yet, even China hasn’t gone as extreme as American liberals have, and this could be a source of irritation to our radicals.  Except they are too busy destroying America to care much what China is doing.


Still, in several ways, China is more “conservative” than the American left.  I want to examine this interesting point.

But before I do that, let me mention a couple of matters where China is the idol of the American Left and why.  This list could obviously be lengthened, but I will discuss only two points.

1.  China’s one-party, totalitarian system.  The Democrats would love to have a one-party state in America.  There are no elections in China, except within the CCP, and the common people have no say in what political viewpoint rules their country.  It’s Marxism/socialism/Xi-ism or nothing.  Having no elections is easier than stealing them.  There is also no ”separation of powers” in the Chinese system.  The Democrats idolize that, too.  They can’t get around it (yet) in America, but if they could pack the Supreme Court, and take over both houses of Congress and the Presidency, separation of powers would be meaningless.  But it still exists.  Oh, for the Chinese system, dreams the American Marxist!

2.  The COVID-19 lockdowns.  The CCP has recently eased these restrictions somewhat, which must have disappointed American liberals, but China could re-institute them (and might) at a moment’s notice.  And that’s the key here.  The lockdowns are not as important as the definition of “freedom.”  In a totalitarian state, all power resides in the government.  Thus, any “freedoms” the people have come from the government.  Freedoms given can obviously be taken away.  In the American system, of course, our freedoms come from God, and we have a constitution to protect us (theoretically) from government tyranny.  The American Left hates that system passionately, and again, has wet dreams about instituting the Chinese system here.  Only you and I are preventing them from doing that.


Ending the lockdowns will actually help the Chinese people, though their leadership doesn’t care about that.  There has been an explosion of new Covid cases since the lockdown policy was relaxed, and this will enable people to develop a natural immunity to the virus, the strongest weapon against it, and something that should have happened long ago.  The CCP’s future policy, however, will depend totally on how the government perceives its need to control the people, not on what is good for their health.

Let me now shift to some areas where the Chinese aren’t quite so orthodox to American Leftists.

1.  There is no illegal immigration into China.  I knew an American English teacher who long overstayed his visa in China.  They finally caught him and threw his butt in jail for a month.  Then they kicked him out of the country with a “don’t ever come back."  What a novel concept.

China protects its borders.  They don’t want the riffraff of the world invading, diluting their culture, dividing the country into 1,000 splintered sects, and destroying the unity of the people and nation.  China has limited “minority” problems and doesn’t want more.  Not what American liberals think is best, obviously.

2.  China cares nothing about “globalist” or “green” ideology.  Oh, the CCP pays lip service to “globalism” and the “green” agenda, all while buying more oil and building more coal plants.  Look at what they do, not at what they say.  The only “globalism” China believes in is the entire globe serving them, and the only “green” they worship is the color of money (American capital investment) and their country’s military uniforms.  The Chinese military is being trained to fight wars (another novel concept), unlike the utterly brainless American Leftist ideal of turning the armed forces into an experiment in social engineering and “equity.”  We better not fight a war with China any time soon.


3.  China thinks “woke” is a joke.  A few months before I left China, I posted, on a Chinese social media platform, a picture which had a British Labour MP saying, “Some women are born with penises.”  I received several hoots and hollers from Chinese people who thought that was hilarious.  “Beyond stupidity,” was one totally accurate response.  You see, the one thing the Chinese do NOT want is an infiltration of Western moral decadence.  They see what it is doing to America, and thus Xi Jinping is very carefully managing the influx of that kind of garbage into his country.  Divorce is going up some in China, and one will run across the occasional homosexual.  But homosexuality is still frowned upon in most of China, and homosexuals are still in the closet.  The nuclear family remains the most important institution to the Chinese people, and as long as it doesn’t threaten the government, the CCP will leave it alone.  In fact, it better.  The one thing that would almost certainly destroy Marxism in China is if the CCP tried to do there, to the family, what American liberals are doing to it in America.  There is no mutilation of children or “transgender” movement in China waving its genitals in the faces of minors.  Those people would disappear faster than “free Hong Kong” dissidents.  To the Chinese, perversion is perversion, they understand what it is, and that it destroys the family, which they know is the foundation of civilized culture and society.  They laugh at and mock American moral degeneration.  Such will annihilate us, and they have sense enough to know it.  It’s a shame we don’t.


China has a despicable, murderous, totalitarian government, with a lot of thieves, liars, and cheats.  It’s why I left the place.  But, in general, the Chinese are good people with a whole lot more common sense than what is being displayed by the American Left today.  China is winning because America is playing with itself.

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