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Amnesty Will Happen

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I have only one question:

If amnesty DOESN’T happen, what are we going to do with all those people?

Now, I want to make it perfectly clear.  I oppose amnesty with all my being.  You don’t reward people who break the law.  At least decent, civilized societies that want to be governed by the rule of law and have a measure of peace, safety, and stability don’t reward law-breakers.  It’s common sense.  If they come here illegally and are reward with citizenship, they learn that they can break American laws and get away with it.  Why not do it again once they are citizens?  Only a Democrat thinks that is good for the country.


But Democrats don’t care one whit about what is good for America.  They want law-breakers (look at their cities), they want societal chaos and disruption because the more of that a nation has, the more it needs government to “control” it.  And more government is the cornerstone of the Democratic Party’s ideology.

I also want to make it clear that I do not oppose legal immigration.  Every single American living today has ancestors who came from another location on the globe, including so-called “Native Americans.”  Opposing legal immigration would make us hypocrites—“good for me but not for thee.”  Let them come to what used to be the greatest county in the world, but let them come legally.  

But that isn’t what the Democratic Party wants, either, because legal immigrants might appreciate America, work hard, and vote Republican. The Left DEFINITELY cannot let that happen.

So, I don’t mind immigrants coming to the country legally.  But I vociferously oppose the “open border” policy of the Democratic Party which is as un-American as any policy can be.  But then, the Democratic Party is as un-American as any political party can be.

But, frankly, they have us over a barrel.  How many illegal aliens are in America now?  The “Center for Immigration Studies” (I know nothing about them) estimates that, as of January, 2022, there were 11.35 million illegal immigrants in the United States.  Well, I do know something about the “Center for Immigration Studies”:  those people are nuts.  That number (11 million) has been bandied about for over a decade now, and we know millions more came in under Obama, and now Biden.  11 million probably entered last week.


Nobody has an accurate count of the number of people illegally in the United States now.  I certainly don’t know, but if it is less than 20 million, I would be amazed.  Let’s just use that number for reference, and it’s probably grossly conservative.  If there are 330 million (legal) people in America, and 20 million illegals, that means approximately 1 in every 16 persons you see in America is in violation of our laws.  Go to McDonald’s for lunch.  Suppose you see 30 people there.  Two of them are in the country illegally.  On average.  In California, it is probably more than that.  Two might be here legally.

So, I go back to my first question:  What are we going to do with all those people?  Can we round up 20+ million people and dump them across the Rio Grande River and say, “Adios, amigos, you are on your own now.”  There is nothing but desert on the other side of that river.  Most of them would die.

As much as, emotionally, we might be tempted to say, “Well, that’s what they deserve for entering our country illegally,” we can’t do that and we all know it.  Besides, most of the people coming into the country now aren’t from Mexico.  They are from every other country in the world.  

What are we going to do with them?  Put them on planes and send them back to their home country?

Well, as nice and idealistic as that sounds, we are talking about at least 20 million people here.  How many planeloads would that require?  Suppose we could put 200 on every plane…let’s see, 20,000,000 divided by 200…that’s 100,000 plane flights.  Who’s going to pay for that?  Who is going to even SUGGEST it?


What are we going to do with all those people?

I’ll tell you what we are going to do.  As much as it absolutely infuriates you and me, the United States Congress, as soon as it thinks it can get away with it, is going to give every one of them amnesty.  Maybe not all 20+ million at once, but bit by bit, over the years, in maybe a decade or two, all those people will eventually be American citizens.  That is what is going to happen.

They are here for good.  They know it.  That’s why they come.  According to Nancy Pelosi, all 20 million of them can go to Florida and “pick crops.”  One tree for every immigrant, I guess.

I’m not terribly smart and I certainly have no answer to this problem.  I do think every single person who is in the United States illegally should be forced out of the country and returned to their homeland.  That would be the ideal solution.  But that is 20+ million people.  Probably none of them has enough money to pay the plane fare.  So, you and I get stuck funding 20 million plane tickets.  It ain’t gonna happen, folks.

They are here to stay.  Amnesty is coming.  There will be a few million more here by the time Joe Biden leaves office.  And in a decade or so, 30+ million new Democratic voters will be on the rolls.  That’s the whole purpose of it in the first place.

So, the Democrats makes suckers of the Republican Party, and the rest of us, again.  There will no longer be a United States of America, only a Divided Nations of the World speaking 10,000 different languages with 10,000 different cultures.  But the Democratic Party will be there to tell them all how to vote.


Thailand, anyone?

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