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I’m Tired of All the 'Violence' Talk

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I’m sick of all the violence in America. All of us are. But let me tell you a not-so-secret secret: it isn’t going to stop. It’s never going to end, especially as the Left becomes more radical, more hateful, more determined to make slaves of the rest of us, and more demanding that we shut up, kiss their feet, and accept their godless, shameless, hedonistic worldview. There will be violence. They will make sure of that. The Left always has. It’s a major source of their power.


As sad as that is, it’s always been that way. I’m a historian, but you don’t have to be one to know that violence has continuously been a hallmark of the human species. Everywhere and at all times. It isn’t a MAGA, white-supremacist invention. Even a lot of history’s most famous nonviolence philosophers (like Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi) met violent ends. The last thing violent people want is nonviolence.

I abhor violence but I don’t know how to stop it. Maybe Hollywood can quit making violent movies long enough to tell us. Although I suspect their answer would be along the lines of “censor the Right.”

There is, however, one thing I hate as much as, if not more than, violence, and that is loudmouths (i.e., media and politicians) who use “violence” for their political or personal ends. There was another mass shooting this week, this time at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia. As I write these lines, the full details aren’t out yet, especially the name, gender, race, and political, religious, social, or animal beliefs of the shooter. Whoever it was, the person was a crazed scumbag. That much I do know.

I also know a couple of other things. Leftists will immediately blame the Right. Only if it comes to light that the shooter was a Biden voter, a BLM and Antifa-supporting transgender, climate-change freak will the story die. And quickly. Those kinds of stories always do. But until true information about the shooter is released, the Left will blame the Right. Night follows day.


Another thing I know is that Biden will use this as an excuse for calling for an “assault weapons” ban again, even though he doesn’t know what one is. I’m not going to waste time here talking about that.

A few days ago, there was a tragic, mass-shooting at a homosexual bar in Colorado. Five people were killed. The usual drumbeat from the Left immediately sounded: either some MAGA thug did it, or congressional Republicans were at fault (along with all other conservatives) because they oppose homosexuality, transgenderism, the mutilation of children, the killing of unborn babies and every other icon of the Left. Nobody on the Left ever says anything nasty about the Right, and if they do, it never leads to violence. They all believe in peace. But with the Right’s rhetoric, violence always looms just under the surface.

Can anyone tell me the last time an America-First, MAGA proponent was guilty of one of these mass shootings?

We don’t know everything about the alleged Colorado shooter, but we have learned some things. His name is Anderson Lee Aldrich. He identifies as “non-binary” (all MAGA followers do, right?), and uses “they/them” pronouns to describe himself (very common among MAGA people, isn’t it…). His lawyers, who must be the same flavor of fruitcake as Aldrich is, refer to their client as “Mx. Aldrich” (how do you pronounce that?).

According to NBC’s Ben Collins, “Republican politicians” and the “internet’s far-right machine” targeted LGBTQ+ individuals in the months leading up to the nightclub shooting. So, some far-right MAGA nut went into a homosexual bar to do Donald Trump’s bidding.


I confess I don’t know, but somehow I doubt “Mx. Aldrich” was a devout reader of Townhall and rapturously watched Tucker Carlson every night. Just a guess. I may be proven wrong about that, but it’s my hunch at the moment.

But, I am misconstruing the point. I don’t believe NBC, AOC, and every other alphabet network and politician truly wants people to die, but I also know they could not care less about the LGBTQABCπΩµ+-x÷ group. And if Americans ARE killed, they want the Right to have done it. What they truly care about is how they can use these tragedies to gain further political power. If Democrats cared about crime, they’d do something about it in their own cities and close the southern border. But that never happens, because political victory is more important to these people than human lives. Just look at every Leftist communist government in history for verification of that.

If the Democrats were really concerned about people’s lives, they would quit trying to take away the guns of innocent citizens and do what decent political leaders are supposed to do, protect the lives of their constituents.

But there is no political gain or power to be had in that. Indeed, the more people who die, the more they can scream how badly big government and liberal politicians are needed.

I hope there is never another such mass shooting again, anywhere in the world (we had one in Thailand a few weeks ago; how many have been shot by the government in China in recent weeks will never be known). The violence is horrible, sad, shocking, and hurtful to all of us. It’s hard not to weep with the families of the victims. But it happens. It always has. And I fear, given the horrid division and hatred that exists in America and the world today, it isn’t going to get better any time soon.


I hope I am 100 percent wrong about that. But I’m a historian. And I know the Left, historically and currently.

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