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Democrats don’t lose elections, we all know that. In any fair election, the Democrat will always win because they are completely in tune with America, offering exactly what the people want. So, if a Democrat loses, then obviously there has been some serious hanky-panky going on which favored the Republican candidate. By this we know that “democracy is in danger,” because in a true, democratic election, the Democrat always triumphs.


2016 and 2020 are perfect examples. Donald Trump won in 2016 only because of Russian collusion. But 2020 was the most secure, fairest election in history, and as a result, Joe Biden prevailed. That’s the way “democracy” works.

But, hmm, the Democrats are said to be in trouble in the 2022 midterms. So, before the election was held, the Democrats were already preparing the American people for a democracy-denying, “stolen election.”

Tucker Carlson did yeoman work explaining this on his Monday night, election eve show. He quoted Politico: “There are real risks that hackers could tunnel into voting equipment and other election infrastructure to try to undermine Tuesday’s election.” But, couldn’t this have happened in 2020? No, it can only happen if Democrats lose. The election machines in 2020 counted every vote perfectly, not a mistake to be found anywhere. Nobody did or even COULD have hacked into them, tunneled into the “voting equipment” like a rat and “undermined” that election.

It can happen in these midterm elections, however. But only if Democrats are defeated.

There is also the problem with “misinformation” and “disinformation.” We now learn, from CNN, that there is a difference between the two, though that memo hasn’t reached everybody yet. “Misinformation” is simply a person being mistaken; no wicked intent is involved, they just have their facts wrong. “Disinformation,” however, is someone deliberately, maliciously distorting the truth, and that is what has been happening in this voting cycle. Republicans are spreading “disinformation,” and unfortunately, minorities have been disproportionately targeted.


Stacey Abrams didn’t quite get the memo in time to use the correct word, but still she said, “Black men have been a very targeted population for misinformation.” So, it appears that Stacey thinks a lot of black men are going to vote against her because they are too stupid to realize that they are being lied to. This is, of course, typical Democratic racism, though one can’t call Stacey Abrams a racist, can one. Elitist, maybe, but not racist. She obviously doesn’t think too highly of the intelligence of black men if she believes they will fall victim to “misinformation."

Keisha Lance Bottoms, the former mayor of Atlanta, agreed with Stacey: “I listen as my kids watch NBA highlights, [and] whatever else they watch on YouTube and I hear the misinformation being piped in.” Yes, NBA highlights are full of Republican “misinformation” (Keisha didn’t get the memo in time, either) lying to people about Democratic candidates. That’s pretty rotten to use NBA highlights to warp the minds of youth. Keisha is black, too, so she could never be accused of being a racist either, or believing that black people are stupid. “Racist” only describes white people. But, somehow, blacks fall victim to “misinformation.”

But Anderson Cooper is white, at least I think he is. “Hispanic communities are also being flooded with disinformation [Anderson got the memo] and conspiracy theories, much of it through social media.” Anderson, are Hispanics too dumb to know when they are being cuckolded? You’re smart enough to know, but they aren’t? Apparently, the social media Hispanics follow only pumps out right-wing conspiracy garbage, never leftist “truth.” Everybody knows that social media is in the hands of the Republicans, and even if it isn’t, Hispanics only follow those outlets, never Democratic-leaning ones. Of course. Umm…why? I thought Hispanics were all Democrats. Why are they listening to Republican conspiracy theories?


All this tells us a few things. One, we see again the racism and condescension of the Left. Black and Hispanics are being treated as too stupid to know when they are being deceived. The people who shout “racism” the loudest are the biggest bigots in the country, without a doubt.

Secondly, Democrats are attempting to cover, in advance, any defeats in this year’s midterms. Voting machines will be rigged, elections will be stolen, traditional Democratic voters are being targeted with “mis-” and “disinformation” which has convinced them to vote for Republicans. If only the truth could be known everybody would vote for Democrats! Leftists are so arrogant, so sure of their world vision, that only “racists,” “white supremacists,” “Nazis”, and stupid people who are being deceived would not accept it.

Thirdly, we also realize, more ominously, that Democrats have learned nothing, and that they intend to continue to push their destructive ideology on America. “People aren’t rejecting us and our programs, it’s rigged voting or—” as one CNN pundit put it—“disinformation from inside the country.” In 2016, the disinformation came from outside; now it is coming from within. The Democrats have no intention of giving the American people what they (the people) want. The Left knows best, and you will take your medicine, whether you want and like it or not. That’s “democracy.”

If the Democrats do take a beating on November 8, get ready for the myriad of excuses to explain why. None of which will be remotely true, i.e., the American people rejected their radical agenda. The Left will continue to push it and we will have to continue to fight it. This battle is far from over, regardless of what happens Tuesday. The Left fully intends to destroy America, folks, the country they hate more than any other, and they are not going to stop until they do.


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