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China is continuing its “zero-Covid” policy with lockdowns and quarantines.  This week, a huge section of the populous (about a million people) in the city of Zhengzhou, Henan province, was locked down when six—yes, six—cases of Covid were discovered.  As I’ve mentioned here before, I lived in China for ten years, having only escaped that hellhole this summer.  I still have a lot of friends and contacts there, so I do have some insight into what is going on, though I certainly don’t know everything.


I actually lived in Zhengzhou for three years, from September 2017 to September 2020.  If it weren’t for the tyrannical government of China, it would be a nice place to live.  And I still have many friends (mostly former students) in that city.  Some of them are caught up in the current lockdown. 

In a chat group on WeChat this week, I received a message from a former student who is living in Zhengzhou (WeChat is the most popular social media communication app in China.  Everybody has WeChat.)  While I was talking with that student, another Zhengzhou resident, a nurse, pitched in that she, too, was still in that city and was “in quarantine.”  I expressed my sadness about the current situation there, to which she responded, “yeah, it’s terrible.”  The student I had been talking with sent a picture to me of a huge bus, driving off into the distance.  She commented (the English is hers):  “The government just picked up some people on that bus that has potential to carry Covid-19.”

Notice.  She didn’t say they HAD the virus, they only had the “potential to carry Covid-19.”  I understood exactly what she meant.  This spring, while I was still teaching in China, the other foreign teacher at the school where I taught, and his entire class of students, were quarantined for seven days because ONE of the students in the class had SAT NEXT TO a person on a train who tested positive for the virus.  The student didn’t have the virus and never got it, nor did anyone else in the class.  But they were all quarantined for seven days, along with the instructor, and tested every day, of course, all because of one student’s proximity to a man who tested positive.  I got out of that country, thank you.  That other teacher—for whom I have absolutely no respect, and is a Texan I’m ashamed to say—is still there, proclaiming to anybody who will listen to him “I LOVE CHINA!”  (He can’t go back to America because he hasn’t paid any taxes in years.  So he told me.)  It isn’t just the West Coast and Delaware that grows morons.


Folks, what you just read is a microcosm of China.  Only a microcosm.  And that is EXACTLY what the Left does, it is EXACTLY what the Democratic Party wants to turn America into, and what they would love to do in our country.  Be warned.

Xi Jinping deliberately turned that virus loose on the world.  I have absolutely no doubt about that.  But it’s kind of pinching him on the butt right now, and he is making his people suffer for it.  It is important to realize that much of the lockdown tyranny in China this year was designed to intimidate Xi’s political enemies in advance of the 20th Chinese Communist Party meeting held this month.  Now that Xi has obtained the power he’s craved, how long he will continue this lockdown policy depends totally on how secure he feels.  Frankly, it probably won’t last much longer, but I’m not privy to the inner workings of the CCP, so who knows for sure.  But one 34-year-old Beijing female resident, who was asked by authorities to wear an electronic monitoring wristband at all times to ”help fight the pandemic,” has caught on:  “I have accepted lockdowns, forced COVID-19 tests and health codes, but this thing feels like surveillance just for the sake of surveillance.  I am afraid that the COVID-19 strategy is starting to be about controlling Chinese people instead of fighting COVID-19.”  Welcome to the real China, lady.  Not all Chinese people are brainwashed; some know.  But what can they do?  


Folks, I’m telling you:  Be…warned!  To repeat:  what the CCP is doing is China is EXACTLY what the Democrats have planned for America, if they ever obtain the power to do so.  AFTER they have taken away your guns so you can’t fight back.  Like the Chinese people can’t.

I’ve lived it, folks.  I’ve been there.  I’ve seen it and I know.  A Leftist is a Leftist is a Leftist is a tyrannical, murderous communist thug.  And it doesn’t matter what race or nationality he is.  It’s about to get a whole lot worse in China, and for the rest of the world, because Xi Jinping is now dictator for life.  BE WARNED!!    

As I said, I have some very dear friends in China, slaves who would love to get out from under that tyranny.  But they are helpless. 1.5 billion Chinese would have to descend in mass on Beijing to overthrow that government.  And the CCP would kill all of them if that is what it took to remain in power.

Be warned.  About China.  About the Democratic Party.  They lust to have the CCP’s power and control.

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