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Adolf Hitler was not only a megalomaniac, he was an ignoramus. A pseudo-intellectual (he wrote two books), he could spit out bilge that would only be seriously discussed in a faculty lounge at Harvard. Yet, millions of people followed him.


In a nutshell, Hitler argued that every species on earth has “strong” and “weak” members, the latter of which are far more numerous. If the “weak” elements in that species become dominant, the species will eventually become extinct. For example, “A” (strong) interbreeds with “C” (weak). This produces “B”, which is weaker than “A,” but stronger than “C”. If this process continues, and “A” repeatedly breeds with the “Cs”, “Ds”, “Es”, and “Zs” in the species, a bunch of little “cs”, “ds”, “es” and “zs” will be produced, the “strong” will be overwhelmed by the “weak,” and the species eventually goes the way of the dinosaur and dodo bird. The weak have to die, the “fittest” must “survive,” or the species goes bye-bye. It has supposedly happened countless times in history. And Hitler believed that if it was good enough for dinosaurs and dodo birds, then why isn’t it good enough for humans, too?

Hitler may have been (was) an ignoramus, but that doesn’t mean that everything he ever said was untrue. The Fuehrer is also credited with the following remark: “There is no end of stupid people in the world.” Now, that’s kind of mean, and is perhaps the apex of cynicism, but unfortunately—and tragically—it is really hard to argue against it. Especially given the people who are running (or not running) our country and much of the world right now.

Folks, did you know that the Chinese Communist Party operates an “overseas police service station” in New York City? There are also three such stations in Trudope’s Toronto, and maybe as many as 54 in 30 different countries in the world. Europe (surprise!) has most of them. There is only one in the United States—so far.


A police station in New York City run by the Chinese government. I’m sure Eric Adams is keeping a close eye on it….

Is this nuts, or is it just me? These “police service stations” are called “110 Overseas” after China’s police emergency service phone number. They are ostensibly designed to help the Chinese government “keep tabs” on Chinese citizens “living abroad.” Isn’t that comforting to know. And they have supposedly captured and “repatriated” about 230,000 Chinese people so far. But if you believe that is all they are doing, then that ocean front property in Arizona is waiting for you.

What in the world?...China has a police station in New York City? Who authorized such a monstrosity? What is going on here? We let our greatest enemy operate a police station in our largest city? Not to mention, buy up countless acres of land, including right next to a military base. Who in their right mind thinks Beijing would allow America to open a police station in Shanghai, for whatever reason, or let Americans buy up all of China?

This is almost unimaginable. What is the matter with the people in our government? With a few—very few—exceptions, are they all this unbelievably stupid? To let our greatest enemy run a police/spy station in our country? I can see how atrocious this is. You can see it. Why can’t people in Washington, D.C. see it?

This is brought to you, of course, by the same people who claim that some women have penises and that men can become pregnant. And apparently, Americans are willing to go along, blissfully ignorant, and not caring, while China buys, steals, lies, and cheats its way into every nook and cranny of the United States. I don’t want to believe that “there is no end of stupid people” in America, but how can I deny the overwhelming evidence?



The Democratic Party, of course, is allowing all of this on purpose. There is a close ideological affiliation between the Democrats and communism, so they know exactly what they are doing. To them, it is a race as to whether we give America to Mexico or China. But…where is the Republican Party? Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and every other brainless Republican in Congress is screeching to high heaven about Ukraine, a country a zillion miles away from America, while letting China steal—or purchase—America right out from under their noses. There is a reason the Republican Party is called the Stupid Party. This is just more evidence of it.

We know Joe Biden often has some, um, incapacitating moments. His brilliant diplomacy drove Vladimir Putin right into the arms of Xi Jinping (have you noticed that Xi doesn’t a give a royal, rotten banana leaf what is happening in Ukraine). Now Biden doesn’t seem to care that Xi is operating spy stations in New York (besides an Embassy and several consulates around the country). And the Republicans, apparently, don’t care, either. It isn’t just stupidity; it’s criminality.

I want to be optimistic and say there is hope, that the country isn’t kaput. That we can turn this around and make America the greatest country in the world again, a “shining city on a hill” for all the world to emulate.


But where is the evidence of that? Certainly not in Washington, D.C., or New York City.

Adolf was an ignoramus. But not 100% so.

Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand. His first book, Whitewater, a western novel, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and His second book, River Bend, will be out soon. And check out his new blog at

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