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Alexandria, Virginia, is beautiful, historic, and quaint. It is also diverse and employs a reflective police force. Alexandria Police officers expressed disgust at the treatment of George Floyd when the video was initially released, the Chief issued a statement in support of Floyd's family, and a diverse group of officers even knelt with protestors -- but that wasn't enough. The liberals in charge of the city decided that their police department still needed a "Community Police Review Board." 


For reference, the City of Alexandria is not otherwise entangled in the "racist policing" narrative. In fact, they were praised just days ago by Democrats for their reserved approach to a Black active shooter, who Alexandria officers were able to tactfully arrest without returning fire. Delegate Mark Levine described the scene in a public Facebook post: "[A] mentally disturbed woman shot at police, at her neighbors, through the walls of her apartment, and out the window. The Alexandria Police Department showed tremendous restraint. They did NOT shoot back." Levine described Alexandria Police actions as "a perfect example" of "quality, competent, professional policing." He declared that he was "proud to live in a city so well served by police." Other local Democrats shared the post. The local police department appeared to have political support. That is until City Council decided none of that was enough.

Alexandria's atrociously leftist City Council signed a mind-bogglingly racist BLM poster as their resolution to enact the "Community Police Review Board." The purpose of this review board is for citizens to have independent authority to review and investigate police misconduct; to make prosecution decisions. Mind you, Virginia already has prosecutors and grand juries to decide on such matters, and Alexandria already utilizes a Human Rights Commission.


Politically polarizing proclamations include: 

  • "use of force by law enforcement to suppress the protestors' right to assemble peaceably" - a leftist distortion that purposefully conflates the use of force to disband criminals and looters with regular protestors 
  • "the recurrence of acts of violence and oppression committed by those sworn to serve and protect is the result of systemic racism" - a leftist race-baiting tactic that accuses any White officer of racism when using excessive force on a Black suspect, deduced simply by looking of their skin colors -- which, ironically, is in itself blatant racism 
  • "racial disparities in health and economic wellbeing" - a leftist deception that blames health and economic conditions in minority communities on "racism" (and which is also entirely irrelevant to a police conduct review resolution, but is added as yet another leftist emotional ploy)
  • "gathering data on the demographics of police encounters with the public is an imperative" - a leftist myth that claims police deliberately hunt for Black people and that data reporting how often police interact with Black folks proves this point (ironically, leftists also claim that such data is racist when it is used against their interests)

None of these proclamations have anything to do with the local police department, and Alexandria's City Council is merely taking advantage of the political momentum to push propaganda into policy. 

But who they want on the review board is even more egregious: teenagers, they want teenagers! High school kids! I wish I were joking. Mohamed Seifeldein, the council member who drafted the ridiculous resolution, stated that the Community Police Review Board would be so diverse that it "will include teenagers of color." Because nothing says fair like having teenagers make prosecution decisions. 

To better understand his motives, consider that Seifeldein was seen with a female companion at an Alexandria BLM protest on June 4, according to a trusted source, where she repeatedly shouted: "DEFUND THE POLICE!" Seifeldein stood by her side and laughed. 

Most disturbingly, Mohamed Seifeldein did not just state that he wanted "teenagers of color" on the use of force review board. He initially stated, "teenagers who are constantly dealing with bullies," then corrected himself, saying "teenagers of color, that is." Seifeldein appears to only welcome teenagers of color at the exclusion of White teenagers, engaging in the exact racist and discriminatory practice that he claims to oppose. No one on this sham City Council called him out on it. Instead, City Council voted unanimously in favor of the resolution after hearing Seifeldein announce that bullied teenagers would be on the review board.


It was also troubling that City Council secretly voted on this citizen review board behind the police officers' backs, without their input. No officers and no members of the public were notified in advance, nor was the public welcomed to make comments. The proposition to create a Community Police Review Board was announced on the day of the vote. City Council members appeared to have justified this by claiming it is what the vociferous public wanted, though they were referencing the BLM protests as a whole, without specifically asking City of Alexandria residents what was in their best interest.

Alexandria Police Officer Michael Rodriguez, President of the International Union of Police Associations, Chapter 5, advised that Alexandria Police officers were shocked to learn that their conduct will be reviewed by a board of civilians, one with local teenagers on it. "I don’t think it’s appropriate for any teenager to be a part of a review board. Decisions need to be made on facts and not emotion," he reasoned. Ofc. Rodriguez explained that officers were not asked for their input, that City Council members had not visited the department, nor made a particularized determination whether this review board was necessary for their department. He explained that the decision was made quickly and quietly without giving the officers an opportunity to respond. He challenged City Council to answer whether they acted surreptitiously solely in the interest of politics: "Were there conversations with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office, who review and prosecute criminal offenses? Or the Office of External Affairs and Professional Responsibility, the section that investigates police misconduct? Any research conducted to review how the new board would work with the Human Rights Commission, an entity independent from the Police Department, would investigate similar matters? Or is this just a knee-jerk reaction to a horrific incident that occurred 1000+ miles away?" 


This City Council resolution comes on the heels of Alexandria's brain-washed Mayor reciting BLM and 1619 Project propaganda after George Floyd's death, telling a reporter: "We are called upon to uproot a culture of white supremacy woven into our founding as a nation, perpetuated through law and custom for generations, and present today in even the most 'progressive' communities in our country, including Alexandria. That is a culture of white supremacy that devalues black lives and ignores the impact of hundreds of years of history on the present." Again, Alexandria's governing body is very diverse, as is the police department. But reality isn't relevant to the left.

As conservatives, we weep for the neoliberal reaping of our police officers. Most officer prosecutions are race-baiting witch hunts. If you wish to support the City of Alexandria police officers, you can donate to their foundation. 

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