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LegoGushersNickelodeonPlaystationXboxAmazonCoca-Cola, and so forth, companies that market to children, decided to flaunt their pro-BLM politics and asked our children to join them. Nickelodeon went off the air for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to teach your children about "injustice and hatred." Lego paused marketing police sets to children in an ostensible effort to battle this supposed "injustice and hatred" by the police. 


Millions upon millions of dollars have been channeled by huge companies, companies that are financially sustained by hardworking parents like you, into various BLM movement affiliates. These kids' marketing companies then went on to bully your children into social compliance with the movement.

How is BLM using that money? One of the ways is to maintain the constant force-feeding of their politics to your children at school. Behold: children's school posters for the mandatory appreciation of Black Lives Matter politics. These posters coordinate with a myriad of BLM elementary school resources and suggested activities to help the children digest the content. Kids can learn about Black culture, collectivism, and transgenderism, among the movement's "13 Principles". (Wait, what? Yes, transgenderism is one of BLM's 13 Principles.)

Leftists feel no shame in brainwashing children, nor do they feel any responsibility to preserve childhood innocence. They bring children to protests where tear gas is commonly used on unruly crowds, they strategically place their children as human shields at these protests, teach children that police will shoot them, and unabashedly subject kids to political propaganda. If they do this to their own children, what makes you think that they feel any responsibility to behave impartially when they walk back into the classrooms from the protests to teach your child? Or, did you forget how your teachers vote? These are fired-up liberals with only a single goal in mind. 


I have written numerous times on the leftist infiltration of our elementary schools, not just pushing communism as a side-show but teaching revisionist history and leftist philosophy as the primary curriculum. If schools were dripping leftist propaganda from the 1619 Project before the protests and the riots began, just imagine what this summer's BLM percolation will bring to the upcoming school year. Remember, these people see the movement as necessary social justice, an incontrovertible right. They see your young children as clay mold that needs to be shaped in the name of leftist justice. Your kids stand no chance if not prepared. 

Unlike the comparably uncontroversial "save the whales ... because they're so cute," the new movement seeks to reshape society's understanding of facts and reality. Kids will be taught that White police officers are racist, a fact that is entirely false: White police officers are in fact less likely than Black or Hispanic officers to shoot unarmed Black suspects. Kids will be taught that there is "systemic racism," a made-up political racket that ignores abolition, the civil rights movement, and 1960's civil rights legislation that has led to limitless Black opportunities in America, including the presidency. Kids will be taught to accept the politicized rhetoric without question and will be required to engage in community activism as homework. Kids will be taught that opposition and silence ar e morally equivalent to white supremacy and socially unacceptable


There is no escaping the certainty of what September will hold for our children in public schools. Before the 2020 BLM protests, the 1619 Project was in 3,500 public schools. How many new schools will be bullied into introducing the curriculum this September? 

Many parents are already getting comfortable homeschooling, and I encourage them to stick to it. There is a reason that leftist elitists are terrified of homeschooling - it leaves those children untouchable. Best yet, homeschooling yields "much better academic and social results," according to John Stossel's new segment A Taste of Homeschooling, 30 percent higher scores on SATs, to be exact. 

For those families with two working parents, I suggest using this summer to talk to your children, to prepare them for what they will hear in school, and to develop a plan to discuss political issues at home after school. My Parent Guide: How To Undo Liberal Revisionist History Lessons At Home, may also be helpful. 

Leftists put children on the front lines of their political battles. Loss of childhood is an acceptable casualty to them. Kids are but pawns. Save your kids. Stand in front of your children and protect them. Stand up for your children. Stand up for America.


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