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Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s career has been well defined by his consistent betrayal of American workers in the name of globalism. Instead of putting America first, Biden spent almost half a century backing trade deals that decimated family-sustaining manufacturing jobs across the country.


The truth is — a Biden-Harris Administration would be welcome news to Communist China. Just recently, the intelligence community released an election threat assessment saying, “we assess that China prefers that President Trump – whom Beijing sees as unpredictable – does not win reelection.” That blunt statement from U.S. intelligence is directly in line with Biden’s career on China.

Biden has a decades-long record of enabling China at the expense of America. In 2000, Biden voted for Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China. At the time, he claimed that normalizing trade relations would encourage the communist country to become, “a productive, responsive member of the world community.” In the two decades since, it’s very clear Biden’s claim did not come to fruition. China did not assimilate into the global community as a fair-trade partner. Instead, China engaged in severely unfair trade practices that went completely unaddressed until President Trump took office. Thankfully, President Trump and his administration took bold action, making clear that such behavior, previously greenlighted by spineless politicians like Joe Biden, would no longer be tolerated.

However, this critical progress could be all for naught if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris emerge victorious in November.

The threat that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pose extends well beyond China policy. Simply stated, a Biden-Harris administration would seek to undo almost every major accomplishment made by President Trump. I call such damage to our communities "Burden, Yup Joe Burden" We can't afford this ticket.


For example, Biden has proudly said, “First thing I’d do is repeal those Trump tax cuts.” Of course, his campaign, under the complete control of the radical-left, is trying to tell voters that this would be a step in the right direction for America. In reality, under Biden’s tax plan, over 80 percent of Americans would see their taxes increase – a move that would eliminate 585,000 jobs nationwide. At a time when our economy is just beginning to recover from the artificial interruption posed by the coronavirus – Biden wants to cripple it with the largest tax increase in American history. Middle-class families, small businesses, and seniors will all bear the brunt of these Biden tax hikes.

The Biden-Harris tone-deaf economic plan to crush the Great American Comeback launched by President Trump shouldn’t come as a shock to Americans who have been following the pair’s record in Washington over the years.

In 1993, then-Senator Joe Biden stated that workers had “legitimate concerns” over losing their jobs due to NAFTA. So, instead of addressing the concerns of the blue-collar backbone of America, Joe Biden just went ahead and voted for the disastrous trade deal that led to the loss of 850,000 jobs.

The running mate Biden’s handlers chose for him could be an even bigger threat to working-class citizens. Kamala Harris is one of only 10 Senators who voted against the USMCA trade deal in favor of keeping the failed NAFTA deal in place. My biggest concerns are about the Black community, to see to their conscience by demanding CHANGE. It's a different time now. We no longer vote on "Color or Gender." We vote on values. "WOKE" is not just a sentiment. The Awakening is real under the Trump Administration. 


Joe Biden talks with inferiority towards the Black community. He talks about roaches, kids climbing on his lap, and tells us if we don't vote for him, #YouAintBlack. It's insulting to our intelligence. Our skin color is all he needs and then he will drop us after the election. You have Harris who is another Biden, flip-flopping on subjects to make you emotional meanwhile, she has a record of incarcerating Black Americans. Yes, a record of breaking families apart. 

As a Haitian-American, I want to advise my community to choose Policies vs Politics. The next 64 Days should be about creating a bridge to aid development that would help Haiti to “retool to a sustainable economy."

Now, it’s time to organize yourselves, be selfish, make this election all about you, your communities, and chose the right path. I know Haitians are not Democrats. We are all Haitian-American with conservative values who decide on God, families, freedom, and the free market. Imagine what sort of country you would leave for your children by voting for Biden-Harris. I implore you to learn about the president. He will preserve our families, our jobs, our Nation. I know because I have met him numerous times.

President Trump is a great listener, he understands the needs of every walks of life. He is a man of his words, he has made promises and kept them, and even completed the promises he didn't make that were unprecedented. I know how considerate and pragmatic Mr. Trump is. He has a great heart no matter what the media may say. It's not about color or gender. It's a vote for our values.


The American people have a clear choice in front of them this fall – four more years of America First progress led by President Trump, or a return to the failed globalist status quo under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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