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What Americans need in our next president isn’t complicated. Given our nation’s pressing problems, we just need a president capable of saying “NO”. The United States is, once again, at an important turning point, brought to the brink by Barack Obama’s profligate spending. In order to reverse the damage caused by 4 years of Obama’s left-leaning, entitlement-driven, anti-business policies, the nation needs a leader who is willing to stop the fiscal hemorrhaging and just say “no”.

If America is to continue on its path of greatness, continue to be a beacon to the rest of the world, we must get our financial expenditures under control and create more private sector jobs. That is going to require an individual capable of taking a tough stance against further indulgent government expenditures, a leader willing to say – “no”.

Unfortunately, the list of projects, policies, individuals and organizations to whom “NO” must be said is growing quite long.

Say “no” to America-bashing-- Americans deserve a president who believes that we are an exceptional nation, capable of achieving everything that is good and great. We deserve a president who acknowledges and appreciates the extraordinary contributions in education, defense, industry, medicine, technology and philanthropy that Americans have made to the world in the past 236 years.

But don’t stop there—

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and job creators are already groaning from the weight of the many and new regulations Obama has initiated in the past three and a half years, so say “no” to the regulatory stranglehold that is stifling our nation’s entrepreneurs.

Say “no” to further bailouts and allow the free market to determine winners and losers-- Solyndra's mind-boggling profligacy, squandering $523 million in taxpayer money in less than two years and filing for bankruptcy protection, should be incentive enough to--

Say “no” to subsidies for absurdly expensive energy schemes that yield little and do nothing to reduce the price of gas at the pump for the average American.

Say “no” to ethanol subsidies and the $6 billion annual gift to the ethanol lobby.

Say “no to expanding entitlements, whether they be food stamps, social security, Obamacare or Medicaid—we can’t afford it.

Say “no” to raising the debt limit; a $16.394 trillion debt ceiling is quite high enough.

Say “no” to bloated federal spending; the federal budget has tripled in three years and that, too, is enough.

Say “no” to czars. With over 40 czars pre-empting and usurping the responsibilities and authorities of their Senate-confirmed doppelgangers, is it any wonder that there is no accountability and no spending discipline?

Say “no” to union pandering—and don’t blame FOX News for your problems when greedy union negotiators demand more and more.

Say no to environmental extremists, who seek to reduce, or shut down, the new production of oil and gas in the name of “greening” the planet and “sustainability”.

Say “no” to dodgy schemes that encourage voter fraud, even when those schemes are advanced by your Attorney General as a way to ensure your re-election.

Say “no” to legal posturing that gives known terrorists more rights than average Americans.

Say “no” to spending more time attending re-election fundraisers than working on America’s problems.

Say “no” to endless rounds of golf—and claiming that important work is getting done.

Say “no” to selecting advisors and appointees who are known tax dodgers and charlatans as czars and Cabinet Secretaries.

Say “no” to incivility in political discourse so that our congress and executive branch agencies can return to working together for the good of all Americans. Of course, leading by example would be an excellent start.

Of course, there are many other areas in which “no” might need to be said—I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

But, as we approach November-- and unemployment remains at historic high levels, as the deficit continues to escalate, as federal government bloat continues, as entitlements expand regardless of our ability to pay for them, and as many in Washington continue to delude themselves into thinking that they can kick the can of accountability down the road for a few more years—responsible Americans , getting ready to vote for the next president of the United States, need to ask themselves one question: how good is this guy a saying “no” and sticking to it?

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