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The Predictable Left

The Rhetorical Gymnastics of Climate Change

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Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the first moniker Leftists employ to take us down the path of communism. The second, and more broadly held term is “climate change.” This latter term is nothing more than a well-executed rhetorical trick that masks the one-world agenda.


Recall that Aristotle was the ancient who defined in his book, Rhetoric, the concept as, ”the use of all the available means of persuasion.” Throughout The Collected Works of Aristotle, he postulated that “the rhetorician is someone who is always able to see [and use] what is persuasive.”

For sometimes better, but mostly worse, rhetoric is the modus operandi of politicians, the coin of the realm of their hypocritical world. The Biden Administration is no stranger to the use of rhetoric. With the national average of gas prices hovering around $4.32 a gallon for regular unleaded, and in  Wokeafornia it is $5.73 and likely heading higher, there are several culprits. At the top of the list is President Joe “non compos mentis” Biden and the leftists who permeate his administration. They made sure on his first day in office that he advanced a host of executive orders embracing, among other things, the Green New Deal (GND), which was first advocated by AOC in 2019 but laid fallow during President Trump’s watch.

The Global Warming Chimera

Around the world, legislation was developed to target “global warming” which had failed on its face because data presented in an April 29, 2021 Wall Street Journal article indicated that “All of the CO2 commitments made in Paris, including Barack Obama’s to reduce U.S. emissions by 26% to 28%, would reduce the Earth’s temperature increase by a mere 0.17 degree Celsius by 2100—not even close to the 1.5 degrees that is supposedly needed to head off doomsday.” Of course, no one is sure exactly what doomsday is or means, but it has superb rhetorical flourish for the mainstream media and progressive true believers.


Common-sense environmental economist, Bjorn Lomborg, points to the fact that recent increases in CO2 have caused the earth’s biomass to expand and become significantly greener. Lomborg argues that the whole global warming argument utterly fails to account for three important human factors. First, Lomborg presents statistics that cold kills more people world-wide than heat. Each year, more than 100,000 people die from cold in the U.S. and 13,000 in Canada alone— which is more than 40 cold deaths for every heat death. Second, human ingenuity and resilience to global warming is never factored into academic or political-based models or the discourse of climate alarmists. This is because federal government funding only gives grants which bolster their global climate warming agenda. Finally, the bevy of high-minded commitments made in Paris to reduce global emissions by less than 28%, would reduce the Earth’s temperature increase by less than 0.17 degrees Celsius by 2100. Such evidence negates the figure of 1.5 degrees people like John Kerry allege is needed to avoid Armageddon…while flying around the world in his private jet.

The Practical Necessity to Relabel Global Warming

Rhetorically, global warming has fallen, and it can’t get up. What is a progressive to do, but use some rhetorical slight of hand to fix the problem? So open mouth and insert “Climate Change”! This vacuous term is akin to redundant phrases like “wet water,” “breaking surf” or “true facts.” On planet Earth, climate has always changed and will continue long after the progressives take their last breath. But how clever to name their lynchpin concept to something both unprovable and irrefutable: “WE ARE ALL ENDANGERED BY OUR CLIMATE CHANGING!!” A 7th grade class in logic could see through this rhetorical canard but progressive adults are blinded by the climate light.


Climate activist Greta Thunberg, a “tween” at 19, has been the go-to climate guilt-tripper to elites from Davos to the United Nations Climate Action Summit. This mistress of overstatement, claims rhetorically, “…people are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing!” She can probably see the vacuousness of the global warming canard but makes too much money and attracts too much notoriety hyping it, to change her hysterical ways. Her pal John “Jet Fuel” Kerry joined her at the United Nations COP26 conference in Glasgow. Her address to the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos screeched, “Our House is still on fire and you're fueling the flames…Our emissions have to stop to stay where we are to have a chance to stay below the 1.5 degrees target. And until we have the technologies that at scale can put our emissions to minus, then we must forget about net zero — we need real zero.”

To accomplish this feat the alarmists would have to stop all airline travel, even to Davos and all the other climate summits. That would be most difficult for the likes of Greta and Biden climate emissary, John Kerry who praised the United States, Canada, Japan the UK, and the EU for putting "forward plans that do keep 1.5°C alive" but said "there are a number of other countries that have not yet submitted their plans".

Sadly, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought these best laid plans to naught, those happen to be the world’s worst polluters: China, India and Russia, and there are two chances of them making climate change compromises in the next decade, slim and none and you know what happened to slim.


In the world of politics, if pronouncements seem too good to be true, they undoubtedly are.

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