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So T-Paw is out, Perry is in, and Bachmann is the sweetheart of the moment. Of course Ron Paul came in second in Iowa, and I’ll be honest, I threw up in my mouth a little bit when he indicated that Iran having nuclear weapons wasn’t really an issue for him.


For my money, give me Herman Cain. I know, I know, he doesn’t have a shot. His chances of getting the GOP nod are somewhere south of a snow cone in Hades. And I’m fully aware that wonks on both sides of the aisle have been working pretty hard to make Romney the de facto nominee.

But he took fifth in the Iowa Straw Poll, with not much activity in the way of press. That means he has a message that resonates with the voters out there. 

Cain has a certain…Cainess about him, a certain flair and style and dare I say it: honesty that I find appealing. Now hold on to your horses, I don’t mean to say that Bachmann, Romney, Perry etc. aren’t honest, just that I find Cain’s straightforward approach refreshing. 

I can get behind a guy that when asked about foreign policy can look someone in the eye and say that he does not have that information but will go and get that information before he makes and actual decision. After all, that’s why presidents have cabinets and advisors.

And Cain seems to be the strongest on jobs and energy. He realizes that America should be strengthened from the inside out. Cain gets that we need to get people back to work, and that we are sitting on abundant natural resources that can be accessed without laying waste to the land itself. He understands that independence, true independence comes from the ability to chart one’s own course, be it an individual, a city, county, state or nation.


I comment quite a bit about energy on these pages, mainly because I have seen what can happen to a community that relies on the energy industry for its revenue when that industry goes away. I have seen what happens to mortgages, to bank accounts and to lives. Not the “Big Oil” execs in their private jets, but neighbors and friends who had been building a dream and suddenly found themselves back to square one, or even further behind then that.

Cain understands that a nation is only as strong as its people. And people are at their strongest when they are allowed and encouraged to take their shot at the American Dream, whether that dream is building a multi-million dollar corporation, owning a Main Street boutique, or even just owning a home a boat and sending the kids to college. We are at our best when we can aspire to something, when we can elevate ourselves.

I don’t look for Cain to get the nomination. That particular designation will no doubt to one of the Big Three.

That having been said, I hope one of the Big Three, or for that matter even the President will take Cain’s message to heart and will recognize that the American people are hungry for success.

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