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Photo courtesy of Carlos Gavidia

President Trump recently tweeted a thank you to a fearless patriot in Jupiter, Florida, who may in time deserve a presidential medal should our heroic “Big Orange” sail to another liberal-crushing victory in November. 

This patriot’s name is Carlos Gavidia, and Carlos is becoming increasingly well known for his distinction as the Trump Captain — literally. 

Carlos is the guy behind the viral spread of Trump Boat Parades blazing across the country. The Trump campaign is now relishing the movement as these flourishing parades are filling the dreadful void of Trump rallies spawned by the mysterious Wuhan Virus.

In fact, a supporting tweet by the president’s son Eric gave Carlos’s original parade a healthy shot in the arm. 

Ironically, Carlos’s overcoming COVID-19 himself is partially what sparked his idea for the nation’s first amazing Trump Boat Parade in Florida. 

Having recovered from the virus, Carlos is crediting President Tump’s promotion of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine with saving his own life. Carlos endured 13 awful days with a fever of 101.5. However, he saw improvements once he acquired and began taking hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin.

In celebration of his recovery and his support of the president, Carlos’s original boat parade turned out at least 2,500 boats, which made for a line of watercraft that was eight miles long. It was a smashing success. Carlos’s impressive 42-foot-Invincible-Center-Cabin Trump Boat led the way. 

Having Carlos at the helm is not surprising. Carlos has always been a fierce leader. In fact, he is also a true symbol of the American Dream. 

Carlos’s family moved to America when he was a child, and Carlos became a citizen in 1978. 

Growing up in the liberal bastion of Northern Virginia, Carlos is still famous there for a brutal headlock he threw to flatten his opponent in the finals of the regional wrestling tournament during Carlos’ senior year of high school.

Since then, 53-year-old Carlos has used the mentoring of his beloved wrestling coach and the attributes of persistence, toughness, and determination he sharpened in wrestling to continue on with an incredible life with amazing success.

After graduating from college, Carlos founded and cultivated a credit card processing company that ultimately enabled him to achieve a lifestyle that most people dream about. Carlos sold the majority of his company to Goldman Sachs, and today Carlos is teaching his two children how to build a business in the fitness industry.

Carlos lives in the exclusive community of Admiral’s Cove in Jupiter. This is where the second part of his epiphany to launch the Trump Boat Parade befell him.

Yes, Carlos has struck it rich again by virtually head-locking his disdainfully liberal neighbors who complained about his flying of a beautiful Trump flag at the end of his dock. 

After the complaint, Carlos complied with his neighborhood’s bylaw censoring his free speech by taking down his amazingly good-looking Trump colors — you know, as the president himself might describe them. 

Thankfully, Carlos’s compliance was not capitulation. Instead, Carlos capitalized on the opportunity to celebrate freedom and to demonstrate the frivolous value liberals place on their pathetic idea of control.  

Carlos persisted in his pursuit of freedom and dropped seven grand on a custom 42-foot wrap for his impressive vessel. He also officially registered the boat with the United States Coast Guard, changing its name to Trump. That move officially required him to put the name on the boat.

Now, the whiny liberal neighbors are enjoying Carlos’s God-given liberty and their unobstructed view of Carlos’s terrifically magnificent Trump Boat. 

As a result, President Trump and Carlos have obviously made Admiral’s Cove Great Again. They have also reinvented an inspiring new kind of Trump rally — The Trumptilla.

Conservatives across the country are also rejoicing as Carlos keeps throwing his devastating head-lock on his sniveling and Trump-hating neighbors — over and over again — with every news story that covers Carlos’s most recent contribution to America’s greatness. 

Keeping America Great requires liberty and justice to conquer tyranny and corruption. Our country’s greatness hinges on the ability of its patriots to overcome the infinite morass of morbid values and laughable sanctimony that seems so obviously inbred within the Democratic Party.  

The exhausting list of immorality and corruption of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden’s party is rooted all the way back to slavery and has thrived and lives on in the current revelation of all the growing scandals moored to Obama-gate. 

Thanks to patriots like the Trump Captain, Carlos Gavidia, President Trump will hopefully accomplish his objective of Keeping America Great in 2020. 

Fake News and the assault-style journalists might try to dismiss Carlos’s amazing story as a neighborhood squabble, but it is obviously so much more.

Carlos deserves tremendous credit for sparking an important conservative movement. How big of an impact it will make on America’s history remains to be seen. 

Regardless, conservatives everywhere and the Republican Party should salute him. 

May the Trump Captain continue to carry on smartly, and may his liberal neighbors one day see the light. 

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