Baking America with Nutty Tolerance

Posted: Mar 06, 2014 12:01 AM
Baking America with Nutty Tolerance

With all the nutty tolerance liberals impose these days creating make-believe fairness, actual history now sounds more like a fairytale rather than reality. In fact, a bonafide intolerance for injustice and immorality once actually existed at the heart of America’s freedom.

It was the intolerance of being forced to pay taxes without representation and the intolerance of being forced to worship a mortal king that formed the foundation of the nation and set America on a path to unparalleled greatness.

Obviously, that is not the same as saying America is perfect or without deeply unjust and immoral blemishes.

Now, however, common-sense intolerance of primitive behavior and practices is just hard to imagine, but then again so are dinosaurs -- and yet they, too, once existed.

Ironically, secularists have labored with a Puritan-like work ethic to invent clever ways of tolerating the injustice and immorality they champion today -- you know, on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. Liberating likeminded individuals from the shame of various human behavior and practices is necessary in order to imagine attaining a hedonistic vision of an earthly nirvana.

To pervert justice and moral behavior, secularists conclude that human beings and our intricately organized universe began as some cosmic accident with no divine purpose. As a result, some precocious intellectuals smugly assert that humans are nothing more than highly intelligent (but totally unplanned) animals.

Conveniently unencumbered by an accountability to God, such impressive faith eases the escape from the shame of self-indulgence and narcissism -- which, of course, are akin to greed, but why digress?

Furthermore, pontificating that human behavior and practices are simply natural has allowed humans to tolerate despicable injustice and immorality all the way back to Adam and Eve (or as secularists imagine, whenever monkeys randomly became humans).

Regardless, tolerance for what is natural has always provided an expedient explanation for human beings wishing to escape the discomfort associated with their unjust or immoral actions.

For example, if it were not for America’s public education camps indoctrinating captive children with secular and anti-American propaganda, high school graduates might understand what any informed person recognizes as common knowledge: The entire world -- not America alone -- tolerated slavery on a massive scale. In fact, once upon a time, most people (including Aristotle) simply believed that the enslavement of certain people was merely natural.

However, only Western civilization through Christianity questioned the morality of slavery, which of course, ultimately led to abolishing it through intolerance. (

And that reminds me -- liberals do not only demand tolerance of injustice and immorality by declaring that primitive behavior is merely natural, they now also demand such tolerance through the mumbo jumbo of multiculturalism. Since culture determines behavior, liberals believe they have trumped common-sense intolerance by branding cultural judgment as racism or bigotry.

But by rebuking assimilation in America, liberals give the injustice and immorality that is tolerated in other countries a free pass. How else do liberals explain their continued condemnation of America’s distant past while turning a blind eye to the continued slavery today in Africa (Mauritania) and other countries such as Haiti, Pakistan, and India? (

Similarly, liberals attack their fellow Americans who invoke this country’s unique culture that involves small government. Normal Americans expect the government not to have the power to compel individuals to participate in or promote behaviors or practices that violate deeply held convictions -- you know, like forcing people to worship a mortal president or to tolerate slavery.

Even precocious liberals should recognize that disapproving of behavior is far different than disapproving of race or gender. For example, many Middle Eastern cultures deny women an education because they are females. Meanwhile, numerous cultures (like Iran’s and Russia’s) execute people for engaging in homosexuality. All of that is a little different than American citizens simply asking that they not be forced to comply or punished because they would prefer not to bake cakes in celebration of same-sex marriages or not to print T-shirts in support of KKK rallies.

Granted, we all have full-time jobs overcoming our own unjust or immoral inclinations. Worrying about what other adults are privately doing to themselves and other consenting adults probably means we have too much time on our hands. However, when asked to support or promote behavior that conflicts with our convictions, it could not be more unAmerican than to compel us to do so.

Seriously, sexual desire is without a doubt natural. But how many mentally balanced parents hope their precious children grow up naturally engaging in group sex or sadomasochism? Plenty of heterosexuals engage in immoral sexual practices that not only can harm themselves, but also their families and friends. Perhaps that is why married people who engage in adulterous affairs prefer to keep that immorality in the closet. Plenty of adulterers have lost friends who chose not to tolerate the adulterers’ natural desires.

Furthermore, think of all of the neglected and fatherless children that are born as a result of promiscuous and irresponsible heterosexuals. (

Even worse, consider the 1.21 million unborn infants that are murdered each year in America. Cleverly camouflaging reality by changing the word murder to abortion does not make it tolerable to mentally balanced people. (Warning Graphic Video:

Only an idiot or a delusional person fails to see how sexual immorality is wrong and harmful, even though it might certainly be natural. Forcing people to tolerate this or any other sexual behavior (that didn’t randomly occur to ensure procreation during the cosmic accident) is absolutely insane. Then again, we are already compelled to tolerate such behavior through some welfare entitlements and government subsidized abortions. (

Whether America is already baked remains to be determined. But with all the bizarre tolerance liberals are forcefully cramming in to this country, the old melting pot definitely has more shameless nuts than ever before.