Why They Hate Trump So Much

Posted: Jul 05, 2017 12:01 AM
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One of the reasons the Leftists are so angry at President Trump isn’t so much because he won, even though Leftists are incapable of being gracious losers. It’s that they were told that the Second Coming of Typhoid Mary would occur, and like all children, are mad that Papa CNN and Mama MSNBC were wrong.

See what I did there? They aren’t angry that CNN and MSNBC and the entire Democrat Media Complex lied to them, but that they were wrong. Which is, of course, how they are still able to hold their Parental Media Betters in high regard, even as CNN implodes.

Every day since the election, then, Leftists have tried everything under the sun to de-legitimize a duly-elected president. He didn’t win the popular vote! “Not My President”! Find faithless electors! Impeach him! More than 50 classless Democrats boycotted the inauguration. And, of course, the “Russian hacking” claims.

(Which reminds me, what exactly are those claims? That the Russians somehow interfered with the election? You mean the way Barack Obama did in Israel, or some other way? It’s also a bit odd because I should think Putin would have been on Team I’m With Her, because her failures as Secretary of State would make her a pushover compared to a dealmaker like Trump.)

Thus, we witnessed the first stage of the Kübler-Ross grief cycle, hallmarked by avoidance of the truth (he won), confusion (that he won), fear (that he was Hitler and would club baby seals), numbness (the faces on network anchors were gold), and blame (those stupid Americans, like 83,000 unemployed coal workers, who voted for him).

The hate being blasted at Trump is partially the result of stage two: anger. Oh, the frustration, anxiety, and irritation are non-stop. Leftists and the media are calling him every name in the book. They focus on every single thing he says or does, in a way they never did with George W. Bush, and certainly never did with Dear Leader.

Yet it’s more than just the stages of grief that Leftists are exhibiting. Another major reason they hate him is because he fights back. Not only that, he is skilled at media jiu-jitsu, and fights back in an effective manner. And when he does so, all they can do is call him even more names, and that his tweets are “un-presidential”.

What did they expect? Trump is a New Yorker, who didn’t build an empire by wearing a pink pussy hat to every real estate closing. Trump has always been a pugilist. He’s always been crass. Why would anyone expect him to suddenly change? This is the behavior that got him into the White House, and will keep him there, for better or for worse.

Remember that scene in “The Untouchables”, where Sean Connery is educating Kevin Costner on how to get Al Capone? “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. They put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue”. That’s Trump, and Leftists are mad that they keep ending up in the morgue.

Look at the brilliant CNN-WWE tweet. CNN was caught red-handed in yet another hilariously embarrassing bust by James O’Keefe. CNN isn’t even pretending to not be the ultimate Fake News Network anymore. And Trump crushed them. It was a knockout punch, judging by the hysteria (the foam-at-the-mouth-why-so-serious-hysteria), especially at CNN.

They scream and yell, “how can a president say such a thing?”

Well, because you’ve called him Hitler, fascist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, man-child – and there are a lot more. However, Trump is so hated that when I tried to Google “nasty things said about Trump”, I get scores of results about the worst things Trump has said. Nice to see that Google isn’t manipulating results. That fine. Here’s what “comedian” Samantha Bee has said. Oh, and here’s a delightful list from the Mad-Pussy-Hatters at Jezebel. May as well throw these in for good measure.

Leftists call his wife a “whore”, and run around with signs saying “rape Melania”. They hold up his bloody and severed head as a “joke”, call for his assassination as a “joke”, call his 10-year-old son a rapist and autistic and a homeschool shooter, and they are suddenly claiming the moral high ground?

This is why they hate him so much. Because despite doing everything they can think of, Trump is still standing. Then he punches back. His blows are surgical and hilarious. They take next to no effort, while the Left is literally expending all its energy and having no impact. He’s using the media’s own tools against it. He’s using social media – the Great Equalizer – against them. He’s using Alinsky against them. He’s kicking them when they’re down.

And the more he fights back, the more the Left rages…and the more the media exposes themselves as being utterly corrupt, and how truly hateful the Left has become. Nor is this a fringe element. This is the Left. They are putting on a show for all to see, and are too stupid to realize that everyday Americans are paying attention. You think Democrat losses in 2016 were bad? Just wait.

I can only hope that stage three – depression and detachment -- will never arrive. It will be much less entertaining if the Leftist all just shut up.