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Sometimes Trump’s Cigar Isn’t Just a Cigar

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Sigmund Freud’s famous quote, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” was to clarify that not everything a patient said or did was somehow symbolic of a deeper psychological issue. That’s almost never the case with politics, when almost every action is really about what’s behind the act itself.


That’s why I’m presenting this article a “Guide to the Perplexed Liberal” for all the activities they’ve been buzzing about since Donald Trump won the election.

Tweet! Tweet!

Liberals are furious with President-Elect Trump’s tweets. They say it is evidence that he is an unhinged narcissist with his finger of the nuclear button – which you’ll recall, they believe nobody is overseeing anymore.

It’s certainly true that prior to Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway joining the campaign, President-elect Trump’s tweets were utterly undisciplined. Now, since a cigar isn’t just a cigar, they are being used in a unique and powerful way. Tweeting is a way for President-Elect Trump to speak instantly and directly to the American people.

Think about it. Prior to Twitter, responses would have been issued via a press release, statement, or direct address. Now, President-Elect Trump can just tell people to eff-off.

That’s exactly what he did, and rightly so, to Rep. Lewis. This man may have been a civil rights champion, but he’s not above criticism. So for him to go on national television and claim that President-elect Trump isn’t a legitimate president, then he is fair game. So Trump punched back, embarrassing Lewis for the Congressman’s truly disastrous job of running his district (which also tells you how stupid Democrats are, to continually put the same losers back in office for thirty years. Can you say Hank “Guam Will Tip Over” Johnson?)


It’s also the best revenge on Twitter’s private war on conservatives, which has helped torpedo any chance of it being acquired. What’s the company going to do? Ban the president?

“You’re Fake News”

Oh, what a delight. Never have I been so happy to see how President-elect Trump beat down Jim Acosta of CNN, and the dishonest network itself. Neil Cavuto drives the knife in so perfectly.

Liberals are all upset that somehow this shows that President-Elect Trump is a fascist! He doesn’t want a free press! Silly people.

CNN and BuzzFeed were utterly and completely humiliated in one of the greatest come-uppances in media history after reporting a completely false story, one without any evidence, with the clear intent to smear President-elect Trump. To think that they would get away without being challenged demonstrates the elitist attitude the Left holds for its vaunted mainstream media.

President-elect Trump could have completely ignored the matter and not given it the dignity of being addressed. That’s one strategy. However, just like with Lewis, that would be a missed opportunity to lay down the law.

President-elect Trump was already a pugilist. Thanks to Bannon and Conway, he’s now been upgraded to a master of the surgical strike. The message – the non-cigar if you will – is that the media had better get their houses in order and start reporting honestly. If not, they will be subjected to the same treatment in return. You reap what you sow now, mainstream media.


The Obama-Fail-Care Repeal

Technically, this wasn’t a move by President-elect Trump – at least on the surface. However, I imagine he was involved in Congress’ move to repeal Obama-fail-care. Once again, the Left lurches into hysterics without realizing what’s really going on.

First, instead of a straight up-down vote, the GOP ran the repeal through the same way the Democrats rammed this disastrous legislation down our throats – through budget reconciliation. This is a direct eff-you to the Democrats. What’s good for goose, and all that.

Why not just nuke the filibuster rule, the same way the Democrats did under the treadmill-challenged Sen. Harry Reid? Because they’re waiting for the Supreme Court nomination from President-elect Trump before they do that – a massive middle finger to the Democrats that will come at the worst possible time. Grab the popcorn.

Yet, even now, Democrats think that by repealing Obama-fail-care that somehow it means everyone will lose their healthcare instantly.

As opposed to Fake News FB meme going around that you'll only be able to put money into an HSA to pay for health care, which will likely be one option to help finance healthcare for those who choose to do so, people are not going to lose access to insurance because the insurance lobby is one of the most powerful lobbies in the country. They want your money. They want you to buy insurance.


A repeal of Obama-fail-care does not mean your healthcare gets taken away. It means insurance companies will fall back into some form of the previously regulated model. There is a 99 percent certainty that the companies will either self-impose a ban on exclusion of pre-existing conditions, or any replacement will contain that ban.

The reason for this is because it is political suicide for the GOP to not include this clause. Their constituents need that clause, too. They'll be thrown out in 2018 if they dropped it.

As for what else might occur, I don’t see what the problem is here.

We have to pass the repeal to find out what’s in it.

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