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With Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, aided and abetted by a relentlessly partisan (and deceitful) media, the left is on the march. They're going to usher in a new order, by hook or by crook. They are dismantling the foundation of this country as fast as they can, and what's going to be left once they're done "building back better" is going to be devoid of decency, much less anything else of value.

The left favors poverty over prosperity, incompetence over skill, ignorance over experience, theft over commerce, arsonists over property owners, predators over children and criminals over law-abiding citizens. This isn't hyperbole; look at their policies, the people they put in positions of power, those they praise and those they prosecute.

As a businessman, former President Donald Trump understood the wisdom of leaving the nuts and bolts of the economy to the free market system in which millions of enterprises and their owners compete for customers' valuable dollars.

By contrast, the numbskulls in the Biden administration constrict oil production, send prices of gas and consumer goods soaring and then blame it on OPEC and the oil companies. President Joe Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandate is causing walkouts among pilots, hospital personnel, police forces and truckers, at a time when we need all these workers badly. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg takes paternity leave in the middle of a supply chain crisis. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughs when asked what the Biden administration is doing about oil prices and admits she has no idea how much oil the country uses daily. Vice President Kamala Harris' evident lack of ability has become the stuff of daily meme mockery, but she outdid herself with her recent "explanation" of inflation. ("Prices ... have gone up.")

Biden's nominee for comptroller of the currency, Saule Omarova, wants oil and gas companies to go out of business. "(W)e want them to go bankrupt," she says in one video, and in another, "The way we basically get rid of those carbon financiers is we starve them of their sources of capital." A former resident of the Soviet Union, Omarova also wants to nationalize banks and private investment. (She was arrested for shoplifting from T.J. Maxx in 1995; should we be surprised when someone with a history of personal theft extols the virtue of government theft?)

If prosperity is not the left's strong suit, neither is public safety. In 2020, the death of George Floyd while in police custody plunged the nation into widespread civil unrest. There were nearly 600 violent riots across the country. Forty-eight of America's 50 largest cities had rioting, arson and violence. Dozens of people were killed. Thousands were injured. (More than 2,000 were police officers.) In cities like Portland and Seattle, the violence went on for weeks. The national damage was calculated at more than $2 billion.

Democrats and the media excused it, calling the riots "mostly peaceful protests." Harris stumped for money to post bail for rioters and looters, and told talk show host Stephen Colbert, "Everyone beware, because they're not gonna stop ... everyone should take note of that. They're not gonna let up. And they should not."

Americans trying to defend themselves in the midst of this chaos found themselves targeted for prosecution. The prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse (recently acquitted of murder charges in shootings during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year) is only the most recent example. In June of last year, St. Louis residents Mark and Patricia McCloskey confronted armed protesters who had accessed their property by destroying a wrought iron gate. The McCloskeys were themselves armed. No shots were fired; no violence took place. But the McCloskeys were arrested and charged, and Missouri's chief disciplinary counsel, Alan Pratzel, petitioned the state supreme court to indefinitely suspend the McCloskeys' law licenses for "moral turpitude."

Across the country, Americans are increasingly victimized by the left's system of sanctioned lawlessness. New York's elimination of cash bail has resulted in criminals being released to commit crimes again. California announced last year that it would no longer prosecute retail theft less than $950. Shoplifting is now rampant. Hundreds of security videos posted on social media show people brazenly stealing from drug stores, luxury retailers and everything in between. With little legal recourse, retailers are reducing hours or closing stores.

Lives are being lost, as well. Earlier this week, a man slammed his car into a crowd of people during a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in what police are describing as "an intentional act." Six people are dead and dozens are hospitalized; many are children. The accused, Darrell Brooks, is a serial criminal and sex offender with 12 convictions and arrest records in Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin. Just three weeks ago, he was released on $1,000 bail after running over the mother of his child with his car.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has defended the kind of "progressive" bail reform that let Brooks out on a paltry $1,000 bond. In a 2007 interview, he said, "Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who's going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It's guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach."

See? Your life and the lives of your children are just necessary casualties in pursuit of progressive ideologies that protect criminals and leave law-abiding citizens vulnerable.

And the hits just keep on coming. Parents who object to pornography or critical race theory in schools are being targeted by the Justice Department, as are conservative journalists such as James O'Keefe, whose home was raided by the FBI last week.

The message the left is sending, loud and clear, is this: "We want what you have, and you'll give it to us, or we'll take it by force. If you object to our agenda, we'll send our shock troops to torch your towns and cities. If you defend yourself, we'll prosecute you. Your children are ours to indoctrinate. If you object, we'll call you 'racists' and 'domestic terrorists.' What we don't want, and don't want you to have, we'll destroy."

Midterm elections are a year away, but it is not too soon to start rallying the troops. On this Thanksgiving Day, we need to be grateful enough for our country and we have to commit to fighting for her -- before there's nothing left to fight for.

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