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The latest Islamic terrorist attack on American soil happened yesterday at the Ohio State University.  Several lessons are already apparent from this tragedy.


A Somali refugee, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, rammed his vehicle into a group of students, similar to the attack in Nice, France.  Then for good measure Artan began to slice bystanders with a butcher knife.  He injured 11 innocent people; one of them critically.

What happened yesterday at the Ohio State University was sad but it could have been a lot worse, if not for the protections of the United States Constitution.

First, all indications are that this latest attack was Islamic terrorism.  The evil, terrorist thug posted a rant online before the attack complaining that people looked at him differently because he prayed Islamic prayers.  Perhaps Artan would have had more backers if he did not decide to plow his way into his peers and then attack them with a butcher knife.

This Islamic terrorism should not come as a surprise and even the traditional, dying, media cannot hide it.  Sun Tzu said that to defeat our enemy we must know them and know their ways.  This was Islamic terrorism and it was evil.  

Second, it took a good guy with a gun to stop the murder.  It was not safe spaces, burning the American flag, forced buying of a professor’s own writings for leftist classes, or any other byproduct of the University that stopped the killer.  It took the good guy with a gun to save innocent people.  The weapon knew not race, color or creed when it did its duty to protect.  It did its job, or rather its operator did the job using his equipment.  However, there will not be enough police to stop all terrorist attacks.  Besides, do leftists really want the big bad police having all the guns? This is where the people come in and why the people need to be armed.  Next time, the police may not be there.


Institutions of higher education are sadly amongst the most vulnerable places in terms of terrorist attacks.  During my first semester of full time higher education, the student government was in uproar regarding the arming of the University police.  Apparently they believed that campus cops were a serious threat to the legions of students studying under the oppression of the patriotic fringe.  Trust me, the terrorists know where the guns are and where they are not.  The terrorists know that leftism has made campuses less safe.

I pray to be wrong but the Islamic attacks against college campuses will only increase in frequency.  Attacks will come to such a climax that even some leftist parents will ask for the further arming of University police and some will even, perhaps secretly, urge their adult child to arm themselves.  It is sad that it takes the killing of innocent people for these parents, and donors, to come to their senses but history has shown that evil often goes way too far before it is stopped.  Neville Chamberlain proved that well.

Earlier this year Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. urged his students to arm themselves, in full accordance with the Second Amendment to the Constitution, after taking a safety course.  This was in order to protect themselves and their fellow young ladies and gentleman against Islamic terror, yet critics hit the roof.  The elitist media outcry was immense, and misplaced.  Yesterday, the 2nd Amendment showed it saves lives.


Meanwhile, leftists seemingly cannot fathom that no matter how many anti-American protests they hold on campus, Islamic terror is coming to kill them too.

Thankfully because a good guy had a gun, the only dead person yesterday was the terrorist.

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