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Alejandro Mayorkas Is a Dead Man Walking

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Alejandro Mayorkas is pretty much a dead man walking as far as Washington, DC, is concerned. The man is going to be impeached. He is your current secretary of homeland security, and he doesn't really take the security of our homeland very seriously, it turns out. He will be impeached by the House of Representatives. They are making the case now through various committees. Yes, I know there's a narrow margin of Republican votes right now, but what will be surprising to a lot of you is you'll probably get some Democrats voting to impeach him as well – certainly Democrats who are concerned about the southern border and their reelection prospects next year, more importantly. Then, it goes to the Senate. What happens in the Senate will largely be determined by the arguments made against Secretary Mayorkas by the House impeachment managers but then also by how they are received by specifically Republicans in the United States Senate. Listen, he's not going to be convicted by the Senate, I wouldn't say, but depending on how the case is made and how receptive the Senate is to it, you're going to see Mayorkas step down. Thus, preventing any further damage to the Biden presidency and his reelection chances.


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