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At Joe Biden's State of the Union disaster earlier this week, we heard a whole lot of happy talk about bipartisanship. One of the most partisan and divisive Democrats of the last five decades stood before the American people and pretended to actually have respect for Republicans. 


He pretended that he would gladly work with people across the aisle interested in setting aside partisan differences and doing good work that would help the American people. 

You know, we’re often told that Democrats and Republicans can’t work together.  But over the past two years, we proved the cynics and naysayers wrong.

Yes, we disagreed plenty.  And yes, there were times when Democrats went alone.

But time and again, Democrats and Republicans came together.


And to my Republican friends, if we could work together in the last Congress, there’s no reason we can’t work together and find consensus on important things in this Congress as well.  

Of course, we know that all of this is a lie, a sham and a fraud. Joe Biden has never hesitated at any opportunity to divide our country along partisan and racial lines throughout his 50 years in Washington, D.C.

However, yesterday in the House of Representatives, something truly remarkable happened – an incredible show of bipartisan agreement on a bill that brought 31 Democrats across the aisle to vote with the Republican majority.

The bill in question utilizes the House of Representatives' oversight role in the affairs of the government of the District of Columbia. That government, dominated by Democrats, recently rewrote the criminal codes governing the metropolis that surrounds the federal corridor of government buildings where the nation's business is done. 


D.C., like every other major urban center that is dominated by Democrats, has seen a precipitous rise in violent crime over the last several years. While Mayor Muriel Bowser was painting a Black Lives Matter mural on a street just a block away from the White House, businesses were being looted and set ablaze. 

Calls for criminal justice reform, defunding the police, and "no justice, no peace" acted as a prelude to a dramatic increase in homicides, assaults, rapes and carjackings.

So, of course, in their wisdom, the Democrats in the Washington district council decided to reduce the penalties for all of those crimes because…well, no one can really answer that question. There is no rational reason why any government would reduce the penalties for violent crimes at the very moment those crimes were on an uptick. You have to have an advanced degree in something stupid from a liberal arts college to rationalize such a moronic move.

It was so moronic that Mayor Bowser even opposed it with a veto. That's right, the Republicans in the House of Representatives, along with 31 Democrats and Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser, all agree on something. Can you imagine?

The fact that a bipartisan coalition of this size past the bill out of the House suggests that a similar result will happen when the bill makes its way to the Senate. This means that Joe Biden finally has an opportunity to make good on all of his lip service about bipartisanship.


So, what's Biden going to do? Is he actually going to rise to his rhetoric and sign a bill into law that would actually represent Washington politicians working together for the good of our country and her citizens? 

Of course not.

Biden has already said he'll veto the bill if it makes its way to his desk. 

And why? Well, as I previously maintained, Joe Biden will never miss an opportunity to divide this country along partisan and racial lines, and here he's got a twofer because the loudest voices opposing this reasonable bipartisan effort are claiming that it's really all about racism.

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents Washington, D.C., as a non-voting member of the House, said, "By scheduling this vote, I can only conclude that the Republican leadership believes that D.C. residents, a majority of whom are Black and Brown, are either unworthy or incapable of governing themselves." 

And Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez immediately jumped on board the "everything is racist" train by claiming GOP lawmakers "claim they believe in the sacred right to vote while denying that right to vote to an overwhelmingly Black city" and accused them of trying to "meddle into the business of D.C. residents." 

Of course, the reporters covering these two fine Democrats didn't seem to follow up with the logical question... "Are your 31 Democrat colleagues who also voted for this white supremacists too? How about Mayor Bowser? How racist is she, right?"


One other intriguing storyline behind this bipartisan vote in the House. One of the 31 Democrats voting with Republicans was Minnesota Congresswoman Angie Craig. Just hours before the liberal Democrat joined Republicans in repudiating her fellow Democrats in D.C. who are trying to loosen penalties for violent criminals, she was assaulted by one of those violent criminals in the elevator of her apartment building. She suffered some minor injuries and was able to vote, thank God, but one wonders if her personal experience informed her decision on the floor? 

Is that what it takes? 

Joe Biden loves to talk about bipartisanship when he can convince Susan Collins and Mitt Romney to vote for billions of dollars of deficit spending, but when it comes to actually doing something that will better the lives of every American citizen visiting the nation's capital, he retreats into the divisive partisan cave he's lived in for five decades. 

And this time, because of his divisive, hateful politics, innocent people will die because their murderers were allowed to walk the streets. 

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