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Where Was Biden's Apology to Border Patrol Agents?

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

During his 3-hour whirlwind photo op at the US-Mexican border, President Joe Biden made sure he had time to pose with members of the Federal law enforcement division charged with enforcing our border security laws.


Over the past two years, the Customs and Border patrol agents on America's Southern border have been stretched to the absolute limit. With record numbers of illegal crossings and a tidal wave of "gotaways," the brave men and women sworn to protect our border have been under fire from day one of Biden's presidency. Figuratively and literally.

Last year, in a shameful act of executive betrayal, even Biden and Vice President/Border Czar Kamala Harris personally directed rhetorical friendly fire at the agents. 

An AP photographer captured chaotic scenes of illegal immigrants from Haiti attempting to elude mounted border patrol agents. 

"Those white racist cops on horseback are whipping these black migrants!" tweeted left-wing activists in the media.

The White House took up the "whipping" narrative, and a social media firestorm was set ablaze.

The stunning photographs of brave mounted border patrol agents riding their well-trained and disciplined horses should have been a testament to the professionals who risk their lives bringing order from chaos every day on our border. A man-made chaos. To be precise, a man-made chaos made by the man sitting in the White House.

As is the case with most social media outrage dramas, the photographs were misinterpreted through built-in bias, agendas, and, most importantly, ignorance. 

When the obvious fact that mounted border patrol agents aren't equipped with whips of any sort came out, it didn't make a difference to the outrage mob who had already created their false narrative.


Biden himself expressed outrage over the mounted agents "strapping" the Haitians at the border.

Strapping? No one in the media seemed curious as to what that even meant.

That the narrative of whipping converted into strapping in such a seamless manner proved that the outrage was more important than reality.

Left-wing activists desperate to draw attention away from the man who's caused the chaos on the border insisted that black Haitians were being whipped. It was obvious from the photographs. Clearly, that white man with a cowboy hat on a horse was whipping that poor black man.

What do you say? They don't have whips? Well, what are those long leather things? Straps? Okay then…

Clearly, that white man with a cowboy hat on a horse was strapping that poor black man!

What's that, you say? Strapping isn't really a thing? The word strapping is never actually used in this context? It doesn't matter.

He was whipping the black man because he's racist, and even though he didn't have a whip, he was using a strap, and therefore, the racist was strapping the black man!

There. You can't argue with that logic.

So Biden said the border patrol agent was strapping the illegal immigrant from Haiti. And that there would be dire circumstances for this outrageous behavior.

Meanwhile, an actual investigation of the incident showed that the border patrol agents did absolutely nothing wrong, and no Haitian was ever whipped or strapped or anything of the sort. 


It was all a lie.

It was a lie perpetuated by Joe Biden to demonize an innocent individual and divide our country along racial and political lines.

Just like so many lies in Joe Biden's despicable political career.

And after spending two years ruining an orderly and secure border that he inherited, Joe Biden now deigned to visit the chaos for a brief photo opportunity. The main goal of his visit? To be able to say he went there when a reporter asked.

During his brief visit, he even posed in front of the wall that he and his political allies in the Democratic Party and media demonized for the past decade. He walked past the wall he and his fellow Democrats keep telling us doesn't work.

And while he strolled by the only portion of the border secured by the wall his predecessor built, he was seen speaking to two border patrol agents.

The pool reporters weren't close enough to hear how the conversation went, but I assure you the words "I'm sorry" never escaped his presidential lips.

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