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Do Democrats Stand With Stacey Abrams' Ultrasound Fetal Heartbeat Lunacy?

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AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Last week, Stacey Abrams, the once and future perennial loser in Georgia's gubernatorial election, tried to juice up her fledgling campaign by lying to a bunch of abortion activists.


In a desperate attempt to get attention for anything other than her slow-motion trainwreck performance on the campaign trail, Abrams did what most Democrats are doing this Fall: She lied about abortion with this startling and scientifically dubious claim. 

The notion that a developing human baby doesn't have an actual heartbeat would be a surprise to leading medical institutions like the NIH, Mayo Clinic, NHS, and the March of Dimes. Watch Fox News lay out all the scientific data on the truth of embryonic heartbeats: 

But, you don't need to be a doctor to understand this. Every parent of a human child born in the last several decades understands the miraculous first moment when the heartbeat can be seen and heard on ultrasound. It is indelibly marked on the hearts of every mother and father with joy, tears, and gratitude. I know it had that effect on me for all four of my little worthless clumps of cells who thankfully survived the Democrats' Planned Parenthood agenda. 


Nevertheless, Stacey Abrams represents so much to the political and cultural left in this country that they had to abandon any reason or scientific common sense and find a way to defend this indefensible and laughable notion. After all, they have an election to win, and as we saw during the Covid-19 hysteria of 2020, winning an election is way more important than scientific wisdom. 

Over at MSNBC, they even found a doctor, Dr. Esther Choo, to attack conservative media for daring to respond to Abrams' odd claim. Fox News is attacking Stacey Abrams for speaking the truth. 

“How the far right’s soft-on-the-facts-strong-on-the-emotional-overlay milieu nurtures policies that are both dangerous and ludicrous.” 

Oh, isn't it nice to be lectured about "soft-on-the-facts-strong-on-the-emotional" abortion arguments from the "what do you say to a ten-year-old rape victim!?" party? 

Glenn Kessler, the "fact-checker" at the Washington Post, lept to Abrams's defense by claiming "the ultrasound picks up electrical activity generated by an embryo" but not a heartbeat… (what does he think those cells in his heart generate to keep him alive? What does he think a pacemaker does? What does he think a heart defibrillator does? 


To back up his claim, Kessler provided a link to a scientific journal. Nah… I'm kidding… he didn't do that because no scientific journal would make such a claim… he provided a link to an NPR article. 

Great fact-checking, Glenn. 

Again, you don't need to be an OB/GYN to find these facts. You can read up on this yourself, it's easy enough to find. 

Dr. Donna Harrison, CEO of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, "In fact, at six weeks gestation, the embryonic heart rhythmically contracts to pump blood through its arteries, which flows to the placenta to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen." 

Tara Sander Lee, the director of Life Sciences at the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute who studied heart development at Harvard Medical School, said, "A baby's heart is actively beating at six weeks gestation and will have already beat nearly 16 million times by 15 weeks." 

And then there's this organization that specializes in unborn babies. Its website says during the fifth to sixth week of pregnancy, a "very basic beating heart and circulatory system develop." – That organization is PLANNED PARENTHOOD. 


That's what its website said… back in February. Now, it says at five or six weeks, "[a] part of the embryo starts to show cardiac activity." 

Oh, I see… it's not a heartbeat… it's cardiac activity. Riiiight. 

Listen… the point here isn't that abortion enthusiasts will make up any euphemism and deny any basic scientific norm to deny the reality that an unborn child is an unborn child. They've been in the business of dehumanizing these babies for decades now… and business has been bloody good.  

No, the real point here is: Where are all the political journalists demanding that every Democrat running for office agree with or disavow Abrams's asinine statements?

This is how the game is played, right?

For the last several years, every off-the-cuff utterance from Donald Trump or Marjorie Taylor Greene or Sarah Palin or Todd Akin or well… you know the list, that journalists found offputting or controversial or downright strange would then be thrown back at every single Republican running for office as a challenge of their loyalty to the party and their fellow candidates. 

"Do you agree with Todd Akin on his 'legitimate rape' comments?" they screamed at Mitt Romney back when they hated him as much as they hate Trump. "Do you disavow?!"

Of course, the game here is that if Romney or any other Republican disavowed their fellow Republican, they'd succeed in driving a wedge in the party coalition. If he didn't separate himself, then he's treated as if he's said the remark himself. 


Do you disavow what President Trump said in Charlottsville? 

Do you disavow what President Trump said about the Proud Boys? 

Do you disavow what President Trump said about Jim Acosta? 

And on and on. 

Well, where's the rush to have every Democrat disavow or sign onto what Abrams said? And let's not forget exactly what she said… because her looney tunes comment went well beyond denying the existence of a fetal heartbeat. Remember this part of her statement? 

“It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

Yeah... the old conspiracy of the patriarchy thing. Manufacturing a fetal heartbeat sound so the male-dominated medical profession (specifically OB/GYNs) can trick the world into throwing women into Handmaid's Tale habits so they can be controlled. 

That's what Jake and George and Chuck and Wolf and whoever's hosting that trainwreck of a Sunday show on CBS should be asking every single Democrat running for office: Do you agree with Stacey Abrams that there's no such thing as a fetal heartbeat and that the sound on ultrasound was manufactured by the medical patriarchy to better control women's bodies? 

Do you agree with Stacey on that, or should you just admit right now that your a homophobic, misogynist racist? 

Something tells me the gatekeepers of the legacy propaganda media might just want this Abrams thing to go away. 


Well, we won't let it. We'll stay on top of it and let you know if anyone in the old-school media outlets you don't watch anymore brings themselves to ask a Democrat the question. 

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