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The headlines are inescapable if you insist on paying attention to the Mainstream Corporate Propagandists in the legacy media. 

From CNN: "From a Republican 'tsunami' to a 'puddle': Why the forecast for November is changing"


To The New York Times: "Growing Evidence Against a Republican Wave"

To the Washington Post: "Democrats see the once unthinkable: A narrow path to keeping the House"

It's all the same take, the same opinion, the same "hot take," and basically, the same article. (Have you noticed how often they all write the same article?) 

Before you become a typical Eeyore Republican and only see doom and gloom ahead of you, be clear on one important truth: That's exactly the point of this barrage of articles dressed up like "expert analysis." They want you disheartened. They want you depressed. They want you miserable. They want you to stay home between now and election day as well as election day itself. 

This is just another one of their tactics. 

Do you really think you're getting objective political analysis and prognostication from journalists and publications who assured you that Donald Trump never had a chance in hell of winning in 2016? Experts who got it so hilariously wrong that year that they could never come to terms with the reality of their failures so instead openly embraced the damnable lie that Trump only won by cheating with help from Putin and Russian collusion? 

These partisan hacks are not objective, they aren't experts, and they don't have the country's best interests at heart; they have their party's best interests at heart. When they aren't cheerleading for Democrats, they're interviewing for government jobs from them. 


The very same well-paid talking heads who've been telling you that "the walls are closing in" on Donald Trump since before he was inaugurated now want to convince you that their completely dispassionate and clear-headed analysis of the polling has proven to them that "the walls are closing in" on Republicans for the midterm elections. 

Don't believe it... don't even listen to it. 

Here are three important data points to show you that this November will not end up being a "red wedding" moment for the GOP. 

1. Socialist mainstay Patty Murray appears to be struggling in her bid for a 6th term in the Senate representing socialist mainstay Washington State. 

2. Lee Zeldin is within striking distance to win the gubernatorial race in New York. 

3. Rasmussen still shows Biden with a horrible approval rating, which hasn't moved much during the past month's orgy of fictional positive media coverage. Once the polls reflect his demented "Benito Biden from the gates of Hell" speech last week, look for those numbers to drop even further. 


Now, it would be a long shot for a Republican to win in The People's Republic of Chudd, just as it would be a stunner for a Republican to win in New York. But that's not the point. 

If Biden and the Democrats and their failed policies were really so popular, and if abortion was a game-changer issue, and "MAGA REPUBLICANS ARE FASCISTS" was such a winning argument, wouldn't Democrats be winning by 30 points in Washington and New York? 

These polls tell you less about these particular races and less about how the Senate or House might swing as it tells you that even in places where Democrats have a built-in advantage, they're struggling to give voters a reason to be excited. 

This brings us back to the historically unpopular Biden and his unhinged blood rant last week. 

Biden took the rare opportunity to address the nation in prime time just two months before the election. Did he spend that time extolling his and his party's policies and accomplishments? Did he lay out his legislative agenda for the next two years should voters grant his party a majority in Congress? Did he make a case for his vision for the nation inspiring voters to validate his plan with an affirmative vote?

Nope. Not even close. 

What you saw last week in the most divisive and vitriolic presidential address in modern American history was a giant, extravagant attempt to change the subject. 


He has nothing to give people to vote for, so he had to drum up an over-the-top reason to give voters something to vote against. This was not the move of a confident politician on the verge of victory. It was an act of desperation. 

Now, don't get me wrong. Republicans have every opportunity (and the ability) to screw this up. To paraphrase Will Rogers, "We don't belong to an organized political party... we're Republicans." And the reality is that if Republicans can't properly articulate their plan should they win the majority, and if they continue to fall into traps set by Democrats and their accessories in the media, they could very well trip up between now and election day. 

But the "analysis" you're hearing and reading right now is merely camouflaged propaganda pretending to be news. 

Don't fall for it. In fact, just don't read it. 


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