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Yes, You Should Dance on the Grave of Roe v. Wade

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We are being told to temper our happiness on this historic day. The sensible and sensitive conservatives who are intellectually and morally superior to us groundlings are very quick to tell us to check our enthusiasm as we finally see Roe v. Wade cast into the ash-heap of history.


"Now is not the time to gloat," you'll be told. "Show some charity to those who are on the wrong side of today's decision," they'll lecture to you. "Put yourself in their shoes and show some empathy," they are already admonishing. 


Celebrate. Shout "Halleluia!" Sing and rejoice. 

Dance on the grave of the now dead and buried Roe v. Wade

It's been a long time coming. You've earned the victory lap. 

The evil spawned from this wrong-headed and legally-warped decision has been palpable and impossible to comprehend fully. 

Our country has presided over the deaths of millions upon millions of innocent, unborn children sacrificed at the altar of the blood-thirsty eugenicist Margaret Sanger. The racist founder of Planned Parenthood who, until last year(!), had been glorified and nearly deified (if they actually believe in a deity) by the abortion enthusiasts who carried out her deadly vision. 

After years of marching in the freezing cold of January with hundreds of thousands of fellow pro-life pilgrims with hardly any television crews documenting your entirely (not mostly, entirelypeaceful and joyous protests, you've earned a celebration. 

Of course, you should celebrate. 


You've knelt on the concrete outside "clinics" in dodgy neighborhoods that cater to a largely-minority clientele (see Margaret Sanger's legacy above) and prayed for this day to come. If you don't cry tears of joy, something may be wrong with you. 

After advocating for presidents who promised to appoint pro-life presidents to the Supreme Court and being disappointed by the O'Connors and the Kennedys and the Souters, you finally drew to a Trump-filled inside straight with the three justices needed to achieve an unthinkable 6 to 3 decision. You better dance your butt off now! 

"Oh, but you might anger the pro-choice crowd and bring about a backlash," the weak-kneed "sensible" conservatives will warn you. 


Jane's Revenge, the domestic terror group that has already fire-bombed and defaced multiple pro-life pregnancy crisis centers around the country, has already called for a "night of rage" and "open season" on these peaceful and holy institutions. How much worse can it get? 

A deranged leftist with assassination on his mind has already been arrested outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home with instruments of kidnapping, torture and murder in his backpack. Do these gentle conservative pundits really think your happiness will make matters worse? 


Your political opponents in this fight have gone from "abortion should be safe, legal, and rare" to "shout your abortion and be proud" in just one generation. Don't you think you deserve to celebrate and shout joy for saving babies since they celebrate and shout joy when killing them? 

You've waited and prayed and donated and voted and advocated and wept and prayed some more for five decades. Some of you, for your entire lives, literally. If today isn't a day to dance, then no day is. 

And while you're being cautioned and admonished and warned and lectured by good-hearted conservative experts who want to speak to your "better angels" and plea for your humility on this undeniably joyous day, stop and look at who they are, these arbiters of good taste and decorum in the face of a generational victory. 

With only a few exceptions, the sensible, true conservatives who are sending one measured, affirmative tweet and then looking away while you scream from the rooftops are the very same experts who would have preferred Hillary Clinton as the president appointing the last three Supreme Court Justices rather than President Donald Trump. 

They couldn't see their way to voting for a flawed man who would finally deliver what they claimed to have been working on for decades. If they had had their way, this day would not have happened. 


No wonder they don't want you to celebrate. No wonder they don't want to see your joy. No wonder they don't want to participate in this victory. This day brings their short-sighted narcissism into full view once again. 

This victory is another reminder of their failure and their horrible judgment. 

Hey, look! Just another reason to dance! Life wins.

Larry O'Connor hosts "America's Morning Show," O'Connor and Company on WMAL in Washington DC every weekday morning. His growing Locals community is available to the public and is fast becoming a place where everyone can discuss all the things you're not supposed to talk about in polite company.

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