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President Joe Biden will drop everything he's screwing up in Washington, DC, and travel to Buffalo, New York, today in the wake of the mass shooting at a supermarket in that town. 


Biden says the trip is to address the "hate that remains a stain on the soul of America," and he's demanding federal action to end the "uniquely American phenomenon" of mass shootings. 

Within hours of the evil massacre, political pundits began blaming Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the shooting. Never mind that Carlson is never mentioned in the rambling, cut and paste manifesto this despicable monster left behind. And never mind that the murderer mocked and ridiculed Fox News for being part of some mythical Jewish media conspiracy... never mind all that, conservative media must be blamed. 

And Biden is willingly throwing fuel on the fire to further divide Americans along racial and political lines because it keeps him from explaining to moms in the suburbs why they can't find any formula on the shelves to feed their infants. 

Biden began his presidential campaign in 2019 based on a divisive, racial lie about Donald Trump. He claimed Trump had praised white nationalists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville when Trump literally did the exact opposite. He was never called on that lie by the establishment media because they had helped create that lie in the first place. Calling Biden out on it would have been an admission that they had lied too. 

He claimed that he was running to help heal our nation and unify its people. That was a lie as well. 

If Biden cared about unity, he'd condemn the protests in front of Supreme Court Justices' homes over the leaked decision on Roe v. Wade


If Biden cared about unity, he'd put a halt to members of his military being discharged because they refuse to take a vaccine that they don't need and doesn't stop the spread of a virus many of them have already had. 

If Biden cared about unity, he wouldn't institute a Ministry of Truth with a former cabaret singing-waitress from "House of Jazz Hands" as the Commanding Censor for social media musings. 

But, of course, Biden doesn't care about unity. If anything, he thrives on disunity. 

The man has been lying in wait, preparing himself for a horrific crime like this. Now, he's ready to pounce. 

Understand that when Democrats and their media partners blamed Trump for racism and disunity, they were really pointing their fingers at you. If you support Trump, you're the real racist. Makes sense, right? 

What do you call a person who supports Hitler? You call that person a Nazi. And if Trump is the next Hitler (as they often claimed), that makes you a Nazi. 

In that same spirit, Biden and his pals calling Tucker Carlson some sort of white nationalist who inspires murderous rampaging racists translates to a direct reflection on Tucker's enormous audience. When they attack Tucker, they're really attacking you for watching Tucker. 

And by dropping everything to draw the national spotlight on Buffalo, Biden will further enflame our divisions by not just condemning the racist murderer or his ideology, he will condemn Tucker, his network, his audience, and, by extension, the conservative movement and Republican Party (except Liz Cheney). 


Super unifying, right? 

He'd call Mitt Romney a racist too, but he already did that in the 2012 presidential campaign when he told a black audience that Romney would "put them all back in chains." 

What a unifier he is! 

Although to be fair, in a strange way, Mr. Unity has actually gotten Americans to agree more now than they ever have in recent years. 

Biden has unified us all on the simple notion that his presidency is a disaster, his economic policies are moronic, his border policies are apocalyptic, his mental capacity is severely incapacitated, his foreign policy is incoherent, and his ability to run the federal government competently is non-existent. 

Our unity in opinion over the disaster of his presidency has also unified Americans over the notion that his party must be defeated in a historic fashion this November. 

And that, my friends, is why he's going to Buffalo. 

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