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McAuliffe Starts to Panic

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AP Photo/Steve Helber

If you haven't noticed, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is in serious trouble in his bid to be elected again as governor of Virginia. 

And I mean, serious trouble. Like, Detroit Lions Super Bowl chances kind of trouble. We're talking Urban Meyer explaining things to his wife when he gets home from Ohio kind of trouble. Do you get the picture yet?

And, here's the best part, McAuliffe is blaming the leader of his party, who he had campaign and fundraise for him a couple of months ago. Yup, McAuliffe is actually throwing Joe Biden under the bus to explain why his campaign is imploding in the final weeks leading up to the November 2 election day. 

"We got to get Democrats out to vote," McAuliffe said during a video conference call earlier this week. "We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington, as you know. The president is unpopular today, unfortunately here in Virginia, so we have got to plow through."

A couple of noteworthy observations of McAuliffe's {ahem} candor in these remarks. 

First and foremost, this directly refutes the approved talking points from the Biden White House. As the accidental president makes his way around town trying to cajole senators into supporting his $3.5 trillion tax/spend/debt plan, he and his team continue to claim how incredibly popular he and his plan are. 

It may be true that parts of the plan poll well if removed from the extraordinary price tag and taxation associated with them. But if the president is as popular as ringworm at summer camp, what good are the poll numbers? And if Biden really were as loveable and popular as his media minions like to proclaim, why is he having trouble winning key votes for his plan to succeed?

The obvious answer is reflected in McAuliffe's remarks. Virginia has been moving increasingly to the left over the past decade, and if Biden's big government take over is going to fly anywhere, it would be in the Northern Virginia suburbs populated by swamp creatures who have recently moved there to feed off the federal teat. 

Instead, Biden's been hearing "Let's Go, Brandon!" from Virginians instead of "Build Back Better!"

But the real takeaway from McAuliffe's remarks has little to do with President Incoherent and his plummeting poll numbers. The real story here is just how sleazy and depraved McAuliffe is. 

This guy has been a walking, talking disaster of a candidate, and he is trying to rationalize his impending loss by claiming he's facing "headwinds" due to Biden's unpopularity. What a jerk. 

McAuliffe is losing to Republican Glenn Youngkin because Youngkin is an attractive, smart and disciplined politician and McAuliffe is a mess. 

In just the past few months, McAuliffe has gladly accepted the enthusiastic endorsement from Ralph Northam, a man McAuliffe called on to resign when it was discovered he either wore black face or a Klan hood in his yearbook picture (I personally have my money on the hood).

He has refused to even speak with the state organization that represents law enforcement, then yelled at a sheriff for asking whether he supported defunding the police (he refused to give an answer but has accepted campaign support from organizations hell-bent on the BLM agenda of eliminating cops in our communities).

He has called Critical Race Theory a "conspiracy theory" invented by Donald Trump, all the while receiving huge campaign donations from the national teachers' unions who promote CRT curricula (apparently conceived by Trump?).

And, of course, at last week's debate, he made the single most damaging campaign blunder in recent electoral history. 

When discussing recent efforts by parents to remove explicit pornographic books with images and content related to pedophilia and oral sex (we're talking explicit pictures of these behaviors too), McAuliffe said he didn't think parents should have any say in anything that happens in the public schools regarding this kind of content or anything regarding the curricula. 

"I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach," the former Clinton bag man said during his interaction with Youngkin over the "pornography in school libraries" segment of the debate. 

Youngkin, naturally, had a 30-second ad featuring the extraordinary statement within hours, and it has been playing non-stop ever since. 

In short, McAuliffe has been campaigning like he's trying to lose this thing. 

So, naturally, this is all Biden's fault. 

The bottom line on the latest drama in Virginia just four weeks from election day: 

McAuliffe is imploding, Biden is in freefall, McAuliffe is blaming Biden for his own mistakes, and Youngkin is keeping his eye on the prize and running like he's ten points behind (even though polls show it as a dead heat, which probably means he is a couple of points ahead). 

At the end of the day, if McAuliffe thinks it will help his cause, he might continue to distance himself from Biden even more. He never invoked the president's name once during last week's debate. This is just 11 months after Biden won the state by ten points. 

If this keeps up, we might see McAuliffe chanting "Let's go, Brandon!" in his final campaign rally.

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